Phoebe Bridgers's Hair Got a Bubblegum Pink Makeover For Muna's New "Silk Chiffon" Video

If you've ever accidentally knocked over a bottle of pastel pink nail polish or cracked open a glittery gel pen to see what's inside, you might recognize the shimmer and shine of Phoebe Bridgers' new hair color. Taking a page out of the Heathers notebook (and maybe a peek at the Plastics' Burn Book), Bridgers underwent an entire prep school makeover for electronic pop band Muna's new "Silk Chiffon" music video, complete with bubblegum pink hair so sleek Veronica Sawyer would be livid. But the "I Know the End" singer didn't stop there when it came to embracing her villain. Bridgers completed the look with a soft pink Gucci blazer and matching shorts à la every movie mean girl since 1985.

Packed with references to But I'm a Cheerleader (1999), the video follows a group of sorority and fraternity students who've been conditioned to think that exploring their sexuality is wrong but slowly learn to embrace their true selves. As head mean girl, Bridgers delivers an eerily cheery performance, and her pastel pink hair ties the whole character together. See the full "Silk Chiffon" video ahead and take another peek at Bridgers's new hairstyle here.

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Muna's "Silk Chiffon" Music Video Featuring Phoebe Bridgers