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What to Know About Constellation Piercings

What to Know Before Getting One of Those Constellation Piercings That Are All Over Instagram

What to Know About Constellation Piercings
Image Source: Getty / Jon Kopaloff

The same rules apply for a constellation piercing as they do for any other body piercing, the number-one tip being to never touch it with dirty hands. Some additional best practices Schneider recommends are:

  • Do not touch your ears for at least 24 hours following the piercing. Aftercare really starts after that.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your ears or earrings, and only touch your earrings when cleaning them.
  • Clean the piercing two to three times daily with an aftercare solution.
  • Make sure to rotate earrings one full twist (360 degrees) while wet.
  • Always leave space between the back of your ear and the earring back.
  • Make sure to leave in starter studs for six weeks for lobe piercings and six months for cartilage.

"You have to commit to the process," Schneider said. "What you see on Instagram may not work for you specifically. Attaining your ideal piercing placements is a commitment and may take multiple sessions to achieve your ideal look. Aftercare is crucial, especially when it comes to multiple new piercings."

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