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The Hair and Makeup in Mulan | Interview

The Hidden Meaning Behind Mulan's Biggest Hair and Makeup Moments Might Surprise You

The Hair and Makeup in Mulan | Interview
Image Source: Disney

All in all, the movie takes you on a journey, much like the original Mulan did, and the hair and makeup show that. "We have to make her look incredibly natural as a young girl, then obviously there's a really over the top scene of her being presented in the matchmaking ceremony. That really helps us then to pivot to making her look much more androgynous, or boy-like. And then, obviously, revealing her true self as Mulan towards the end."

Personally though, what's even more important to Kum than that story itself is the meaning behind the story. "Even though this film comes from a long line of female-led stories within the Disney realm, she really is a warrior more than a princess."

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