This Reflective Lips Trend Turns Your Mouth Into a Mirror

Time to bust out that polyester and rewatch Star Wars, because the 1970s are back, baby, and beauty trends are getting funky. From bouncy curls and shags to metallic everything, the fabulous decade is being emulated in every way makeup enthusiasts can imagine. Lately, we've noticed that people are straight up turning their lips into disco balls — and we are living, nay, stayin' alive for it.

We first noticed the look on Jazmina Daniel, who wrote on Instagram that she was inspired to jump on the mirror train after receiving a package that included silver reflective paper. According to Daniel, "I cut it out to the shape of my lips and glued it on with some lash glue."

This tin foil-esque look is a cool departure from the gold lamé we've been seeing and loving on beauty junkies this Fall. Plus, reflective lips turn you into a walking, talking mirror compact that your friends will appreciate anytime they need a touch-up (or have kale stuck in their teeth).

Read on for our favorite reflective lip art.