Rihanna Is Rocking Bright Blue Hair — and She Looks Like a Frickin' Mermaid!

When it comes to Rihanna's hairstyles, there is no such thing as too edgy or too bold, and her latest style might be her most daring look yet. Over the weekend, RiRi debuted stunning turquoise hair for the annual Crop Over festival in Barbados. She flaunted her new bright look on Instagram, writing, "when yo hurr ready for crop ova," giving her fans a closer look at her new mermaid-like locks.

Rihanna's electric hair radiates different shades of blue throughout the video, with the bright turquoise transitioning into a darker blue at the ends. But her new shade did not stop at her hair; Rihanna took the look one step further by matching her hair with long neon blue nails.

Whether it's bangs, a high ponytail, or even maroon hair, there's no question that Rihanna can pull off just about any style she wants, and her new bright blue hairdo just proved that even further. Read on to see photos of RiRi's mermaid locks, and be inspired before your next color appointment.