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Sally Beauty It's A 10 Coily Collection Hair Concerns
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Whether you just completed the big chop or are transitioning to a chemical- and heat-free routine, you know that the natural hair journey is one that lasts a lifetime. As your needs evolve, so do the products in your routine, which means a lot of trial and error. But before you introduce new formulas into your lineup, you need to identify your most pressing concerns first and then proceed accordingly.

Everyone's curl concerns are different, which means your hair deserves a routine that feels like it uniquely caters to you. In other words, a trip to Sally Beauty is most likely in your future. The natural hair community didn't always have a seat at the table, and building a routine that specifically addressed their needs often felt like an uphill battle, but Sally Beauty is making the process of nurturing natural and curly hair a whole lot easier by spotlighting products that prioritize everyone's needs — no matter how unique.

While you could spend hours browsing the hundreds of products Sally Beauty has to offer natural hair, we thought we'd shave some time off your shopping trip by pointing out the newest products you'll definitely want to try ASAP. The Coily Miracle Collection from It's A 10, which exclusively launched at Sally Beauty, caters to all curl types. But, it uses hydrating and defining formulations that target the needs of 4C hair specifically.

Not sure which formula will work best for you? We tapped our editors to help. Ahead, they've shared their biggest curl concerns, so you can find the It's A 10 Coily Miracle product that could be right for you, too. Check out all of the need-to-know details ahead.