We Didn't Know It Was Possible, but Salma Hayek Just Got Even Hotter With This New Hair Color

Salma Hayek is indisputably gorgeous with her deep brown eyes and hair, but the actress just proved she's smokin' no matter what hair color she wears. The 52-year-old actress (let that sink in) has been sharing photos of herself on Instagram during the filming of a new film alongside Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne called Limited Partners, about two friends who start a beauty business together. In the snaps, we get a sneak peek of Hayek's character's beauty look, and it's like nothing we've seen before on the star.

Hayek has bright red hair and blue eyes in the movie, a huge change from her usually dark features. While Hayek's always been stunning, we're loving this (presumed) wig so much, we're hoping the star will consider adding some auburn dye to her hair routine. Check out the red-hot images ahead.