Scorpio Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Ink

Body art is highly personal; it stays on your skin for the rest of your life (unless you choose to have it removed, of course). When considering a new tattoo, people often draw inspiration from their known experiences, like their hobbies, their hometown or current city, their pets, or astrology. Each month has its own zodiac sign and constellation, with a slew of corresponding symbols and characteristics. Meaning if you're a Scorpio looking for some new ideas for ink, you're in luck.

Scorpios, born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21, are the eighth sign of the zodiac and ruled by Pluto. They have an air of mystery and intensity around them and are known for being fearless, passionate, and creative. When it comes to Scorpio tattoos, the sky is the limit. You can go literal by getting a scorpion design, which is the sign's official symbol, or opt for a dreamy star-scape of the constellation. Alternatively, you can lean into some deeper symbolism with the water sign and come up with your own abstract idea, like a wave or flower design. There's a reason ancient astrology has inspired so many popular tattoos over the years. They can be incredibly beautiful, nuanced, and catered to the individual wearer. One Scorpio tattoo can be vastly different from the next, making the process of finding the right ink for you all the more fun.

Once you determine what you want to get, you'll want to start thinking about the tattoo placement. The location of your new design will determine how visible it is to the world and how much the tattoo hurts. There are also different ink styles to consider, such as fine-line tattoos or traditional, black ink or color.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities, we rounded up the best Scorpio tattoo ideas to peruse ahead.

Scorpion and Star Tattoo

This Scorpio ink takes a literal approach to the design, featuring a scorpion with some small stars scattered around it.

Scorpio Constellation Tattoo

This dainty constellation tattoo makes for a beautiful nod to the Scorpio zodiac.

Scorpio Hip Tattoo

If you live by your horoscope, consider getting a larger piece to show your passion. This Scorpio tattoo idea features both the animal and the zodiac symbol positioned right off the tip of the tail.

Fine-Line Scorpio Constellation Tattoo

Scorpio star sign tattoos can be quite subtle if you'd prefer to keep the meaning behind the ink slightly more under wraps.

Sun and Moon Scorpio Tattoo

Get creative with your ink by incorporating other planets, like this Scorpio tattoo idea featuring the sun and moon.

Scorpio Symbol Tattoo

This Scorpio tattoo is incredibly delicate and easily hidden if you prefer to keep your ink just for you.

Wave Tattoo

Your ink doesn't need to be overtly zodiac-related. This wave acts as a small nod to the water sign.

Floral Scorpio Symbol Tattoo

Incorporating florals into your Scorpio tattoo helps to make it more unique and personal.