This TikToker Uses Makeup to Interpret the "Seductive Archetypes"

  • TikToker Zoe Kim Kenealy has a series that uses makeup to interpret seductive archetypes.
  • The archetypes that someone falls into are said to be the way they best seduce a person.
  • Kenealy shares how she interprets each archetype's makeup style ahead.

If you haven't yet heard of TikToker Zoe Kim Kenealy, you've probably come across her dreamy interpretations of abstract ideas and movie references using makeup. From looks that show off your dark side to a sultry rendition of Wednesday Addams's makeup, Kenealy has a way of taking well-known tropes and spinning them into something new. And that's just what she did with the archetypes mentioned in the book "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Greene.

"The Archetypes of Seduction," as they are often referred to, include personalities that have been said to categorize different types of seducers. Archetypes like "the siren," for example, tend to be people who exhibit traditionally feminine traits, while archetypes like "the coquette" have a natural air of innocence about them.

"In reading about each of [the archetypes], I envision somewhat of an avatar that I base the makeup look around," Kenealy tells POPSUGAR.

She has a process for coming up with her interpretation of each archetype's makeup. "I always start by putting music on that I think matches the general idea I have for the personality type," Kenealy says. "I will then search for photos I think could best describe the aspects of each type's life." This can include pictures that represent solitude for an archetype that is introverted, like "the enigma," or, for "the charmer," a mood board of a party. "Often, the makeup steps I choose to include are metaphors for certain traits," she says. "For example, darkness under the eyes paired with strong blush represents [an archetype] who functions off flattering others while being very calculated and maybe a bit two-faced."

Kenealy also makes a point to provide practical makeup advice in each tutorial. "I always try to include a few steps that are less obviously linked to the archetype to keep people entertained," she says. She will pepper little makeup tips throughout the series, like almost completely wiping off your lipstick to achieve a "just-bitten" stain, skipping concealer to make your base look more natural, and using eyeliner to darken beauty marks.

Though you can just read the book to see what archetype you most closely align with, the best part about this series is it encourages you to have fun with makeup. There is no right or wrong way to interpret your archetype makeup, but Kenealy's series is a fantastic place to start. Take a closer look at some of the archetypes that she has interpreted ahead.

The Enigma Archetype Makeup

The Bohemian Archetype Makeup

The Ingénue Archetype Makeup

The Star Archetype Makeup

The Charmer Archetype Makeup

The Siren Archetype Makeup

The Gamine Archetype Makeup