20 Silver-Hair-Color Ideas to Take With You to the Salon

It's not just Megan Fox or Park Ji-min: silver hair can be seriously sexy. While it's true that the process of going silver can take hours at the salon and likely multiple rounds of silver hair dye, it's the results that matter. Glistening, metallic hair is completely worth it.

If you want silver hair, sitting down with a hairstylist is recommended. When it comes to your new hair color, the possibilities are endless. There are many options, such as silver hair with black highlights, silver-blond hair, purple-silver hair, and silver ombré hair, to name a few. Before you stock up on the best silver hair dye, you can experiment with temporary hair color — or even silver wigs and weaves.

When you decide to go silver once and for all, you'll need the right products in your regimen to keep your color in tip-top shape. Hair masks are always a great option for moisture, no matter what color you go with. Silver hair toner, as well as a special silver hair shampoo, are musts. You can find some of the best purple shampoos for silver hair at your local drugstore, meaning these is no need to break the bank on your new routine. Using these products between salon visits will keep your silver hair color fresh.

If we've you convinced to dye your hair, ahead you'll find the prettiest silver hair options to bring as inspiration to your new appointment.

Additional reporting by Clara Amelia

Silver-Blue Hair

This icy hairstyle has a gorgeous blue tint to it.

Silver Hair Balayage

This long hairstyle features silver balayage over a dark base. The result is truly eye-catching.

Silver-Gray Hair Color

This silver-gray hair color really makes these curls stand out.

Platinum-Silver Hair

Platinum-silver blond that borders on almost white can elevate your look.

Blue-Silver Hair

This hairstyle incorporates a cool silver hair dye with face-framing blue strands in the front.

Silver Ombré Hair

Pink ends dress up this silver ombré look.

Purple-and-Silver Hair

This look combines silver hair with purple highlights.

Pink-and-Silver Hair

If you want a fun way to tweak your silver hair, try adding highlights of pink throughout your head.

Silver Hair Highlights

This stylist used a lighter shade of silver hair dye for the face-framing pieces in the front.

Red and Silver Hair

This look has a candy-cane vibe to it thanks to the mix of bright-red and silver colors.

Silver Hair Braids

These silver braids are stunning.

Silver Hair With Peek-a-Boo Color

This imaginative look features an orange peek-a-boo layer of color underneath silver.

Silver Hair Highlights

This hairstylist used silver highlights on dark hair to create a unique color.

Silver Ombré Hair

The hairstylist behind this look created a silver ombré effect that fades to yellow.

Black-and-Silver Hair

For this hairstyle, the stylist used a colorblocking technique to make the silver strands pop underneath the black dye.

Silver Highlights on Black Hair

This hairstyle starts out with a black base and incorporates dark-gray and icy-silver highlights on top.

Short Silver Hair

Going silver is an amazing way to take a short haircut to the next level.

Black-and-Silver Hair

Black-and-silver hair makes for a captivating combination.

Short Silver Hair

This all-silver hairstyle with shaved sides is bold in the best way.

Black-and-Silver Hair

For this look, the hairstylist incorporated a section of silver into black hair.