12 Sister Tattoos to Show Off Your Bond Permanent

There are some best friends you find later in life, and then there are some you're born with. Those with sisters as siblings know there are certain things only they can understand. Having a sister means you always have someone to lean on, someone to talk to, and someone who will be there for you no matter the circumstances. A bond between sisters is infinitely special, and there's no better (or more lasting) way to show your love than with sister tattoos. With permanent ink, you can showcase your love for each other in a way that will truly last a lifetime.

If you're not sure where to start, we've rounded up a handful of creative ideas that will allow you to show off how deep your bond really goes. There are tons of different options — from small sister tattoos to colorful works of art and everything in between — we've even got options for sister-brother tattoos.

Whether you're just browsing ideas for fun or searching for the perfect matching sister tattoos for your next appointment, we have you covered all in one place. So jump on FaceTime, sit back, relax, and get to scrolling.

Additional reporting by Hilary White and Renee Rodriguez

Fine-Line Sun and Moon

If you and your sibling are opposites yet still complementary, we love the idea of a sun and moon tattoo.

Fine-Line Flowers

Selecting a flower that holds a special meaning to you makes for a perfect matching sister tattoo.

Floral Sun and Moon

If want to put a spin on the traditional sun and moon idea, add in a floral element.


Butterflies can symbolize transformation and rebirth, which makes them a special symbolic tattoo to get with a sibling.

Connecting Designs

This design looks good as a half but even better as a whole, just like you and your sister.

Birth Order Hearts

If you're looking for sister tattoos for three, this one that showcases your birth order by hearts is a great idea.

Tiny Florals

If you've been searching for small sister tattoos, why not try something located on the finger? It's tiny and looks stunning.

Tiny Hearts

These tiny hearts make great sister tattoos. They're micro, but they represent a big meaning.

Roman Numerals

These Roman numerals make the perfect meaningful sister tattoos for two.

Delicate Starfish

This starfish design is one of our favorite matching sister tattoos, especially if you and your sibling love the ocean.

Small Initials

These small initials are the perfect small sister tattoos, whether you want to get them to represent your last name or a family member.

Initial Hearts

This heart tattoo features initials and the word "sisters," making it a clear winner for a matching sister tattoo.