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Best-Friend Tattoos

40 Creative Best-Friend Tattoos You'll Want to Get ASAP

Best-Friend Tattoos

If your best friend is truly your soulmate, there's a good chance the two of you have talked about everything under the sun. Breakups, makeups, families, relationships, friendships β€” you've probably covered it all. Because you're such good friends, you've probably also talked about different ways you could commemorate your friendship. Matching piercings or friendship bracelets are a couple of ideas that come to mind first, but if you want something more permanent, we bet the idea of getting best-friend tattoos has come up at least once or twice.

If you two are actually ready to take the plunge, or you're just poking around for inspiration, we've got you covered. Whether you want simple and sweet friendship tattoos or you're both looking to make a statement with your bestie tattoos, there are countless creative ideas, big and small, that suit every kind of relationship. No matter if you have been friends forever or recently met and just clicked, these inspirational designs will be all the push you need to make your friendship permanent.

Check out the best ideas ahead, including small best-friend tattoos for something subtle, matching best-friend tattoos, and unique best-friend tattoos that are truly outside of the box. Send your favorite one to your BFF immediately.

β€” Additional reporting by Renee Rodriguez, Lauren Harano, and Haley Lyndes

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