This Slanted French Manicure Is Not Only Cool, It Makes Your Nails Look Longer, Too

It's no secret that the french manicure is having a huge revival. There are so many versions — classic, deep arched, glass, ombré, and neon — but our latest favorite is the slanted french manicure. It's a take on the classic white tips, but instead of following the natural C-curve of the nail, it's slanted (as the name suggests) into a deeper arch on one side of the nail.

The trend certainly isn't new, but it has been sweeping Instagram recently. LA-based nail artist Queenie Nguyen has worked in the nail industry for 12 years and says the french manicure has always been a staple, but recently, she's seen an increase in more creative versions of the classic. Hannah White, a mobile nail tech in Upminster, has also seen an increase in clients requesting this "modern take on the classic french manicure," taking Instagram images as inspiration to their appointments.

People love the slanted french not only for being a creative version of the classic but also because it creates the illusion of longer nails and increases the manicure wear-time. "I personally love a more exaggerated deep french manicure because it creates the illusion of longer nails, even on shorter nail beds," Nguyen said. In addition to this, she said she often refers to the classic french manicure and the slanted french manicure as a great "grown-out option." Since the color isn't taken right to the cuticles, there are no clear growth lines.

If you're thinking of trying the slanted french manicure at home, Nguyen has a few tips. "Using a thin brush, start midnail on one side and paint from that midpoint to the upper corner of the opposite side." (So like you're drawing a half rainbow across the top half of the nail.) Then, fill in the outlined section with polish. "This way, you can ensure the curve is consistent across all fingers and the shape is more prominent," Nguyen said.

Ahead, get a closer look at some of our favorite versions of the slanted french manicure trend. Next time you're thinking about getting the '90s classic, why not give it a 2020 twist?