25 Snowflake Tattoo Ideas For Girls Who Just Love Winter That Much

There's something magical about snowfall. Yes, blizzards can be a pain, but you can't help but get excited when you see the way a light flurry looks like glitter or how freshly powdered sidewalks sparkle. Snowflakes are microscopic masterpieces with gorgeous geometric patterns (who could forget making cutout paper versions as kids?). It's no wonder people are so fond of them, they tattoo them onto their bodies.

The ink could be purely for aesthetic purposes (snowflakes are the perfect candidate for a tiny tattoo), to commemorate your favorite season, to pay homage to Frozen, or even to subtly declare your love for Jon Snow (same). No matter your reason, there's a lot of inspiration out there to spark ideas for your next tat. We've rounded up the best on Instagram, ahead.