These Starbucks-Inspired Holiday Manicures Will Score You Major Points With Your Barista

There are coffee-lovers, and there are Lorelai Gilmore-level coffee-lovers — the kind who arrange their entire schedule around when they'll be able to refuel. If you fall into the latter group, then you probably consider the first day of the season that the Starbucks holiday cups make an appearance to be a national holiday, and in that case, you'll love these festive, Starbucks-themed manicures.

When it comes to your holiday nails, there's no shortage of designs to choose from, with snowflake nail art and candy cane designs being top of our list. But for a truly unique idea, look no further than your Starbucks holiday cup. The red, green, and white cups adorned in mistletoe, snowflakes, and bows have all of the inspiration you need to bring to your next nail salon appointment this December.

Not only will these designs show off your superfan status for the coffee chain, but it might even score you some brownie points with your favorite barista. If nothing else, it will make for a great nail selfie with your holiday cup for Instagram.

Keep reading to see more festive Starbucks holiday nail art designs to try this season.