10 Winter Nail Designs That Are Heating Up This Season

This year's biggest winter nail designs span more than just dark, moody colors and holiday-themed drawings (although we guarantee you'll be seeing a lot of those, too). Of course, there's always room for snowflake nails and Christmas-tree manicures, but if you want to take things up a notch, we've got you covered.

Prepare to see some abstract shapes, highly reflective polish colors, optical illusions, and, of course, new twists on the classic french manicure — plus a whole lot more.

Maybe it's all of the social media scrolling we've been doing as of late, or maybe it's because we want to start off next year with a bang, but this year's winter nails will be unlike anything you've ever seen before. We've got everything, from the always classic chrome manicure to more out-of-the-box looks like black glam nails. To get the scoop on what else to expect out of this upcoming season, we talked to a handful of experts and they all agreed: the styles dominating winter trends will be all about getting creative while taking classic looks out for a newly updated spin.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to plan your next manicure appointment — or DIY nail session — as we break down the top winter nail designs ahead.

Douyin Nails

Douyin nails have been going viral on TikTok, and we get why. "Douyin nails embody a youthful and fun aesthetic, perfect for expressing your creativity," nail artist Jin Soon Choi previously told POPSUGAR. "There are no rules, so let your fun ideas out and enjoy." The look typically features shimmery nail polish and lots of fun embellishments.

Hot-Chocolate Nails

Hot-chocolate nails are the perfect winter accessory. The shade is the perfect color to get you in the mood for winter and beyond. "It's brown but in a rich, creamy, deeply pigmented shade that evokes the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate," celebrity nail artist Sonya Meesh previously told POPSUGAR.

"Blueberry Milk" Nails

Blueberry-milk nails have been all over social media as of late, probably because they're loved by celebs like Zendaya. They typically feature a light and muted blue base to achieve the look of blueberry milk, and they pair perfectly with crisp winter weather.

Half-Moon Nails

Half-moon nails were popular in the Golden Age of Hollywood, but they've recently made a comeback and are perfect for winter. "The half-moon nail-art trend represents yet another interesting variation of the french manicure — it's an exaggerated tip and is akin to negative-space nail art through the absence of polish at the bottom of the nail," Jin Soon Choi, founder of Jinsoon Nails, previously told POPSUGAR.

Black Glam Nails

Embrace your moodier side this year and opt for black glam nails for your winter manicure design. "Black glam nails are essentially just different variations of black nails and nail art," celebrity manicurist Mary Sol Inzerillo previously told POPSUGAR. "High shine or matte, nail art or single color, it doesn't matter as long as they complement your look."

Wallpaper Nails

The wallpaper nails trend features patterns you'd traditionally find in homes back in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. The trend is growing in popularity thanks to New York Fashion Week runway looks.

V-Cut French Manicures

If you're tired of traditional french manicures, try the V-cut or chevron french manicure. "Instead of creating a smile line, you create a deep V, also described as a chevron," Tammy Taylor, celebrity manicurist and founder of Tammy Taylor Nails, previously told POPSUGAR.

Glazed-Doughnut Nails

If you thought you saw the last of the glazed-doughnut nails trend, think again. Hailey Bieber's signature manicure is going to continue to trend for winter 2024.

Star Nails

There's nothing dreamier than a celestial manicure, and the whimsical design is perfect for winter. Use nail-polish colors of grays and blues for the base and silver and gold for detailing. "This look definitely needs a chrome detail," says celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein. She also recommended using glitter to replicate stars. "I think gold against matte, as well as gold against light and baby blue, translates the best in order to give you that starry-night effect," she says.

Metallic Nails

"We always see demand for metallics around the holiday season," says Nadine Abramcyk, cofounder and head of brand at Tenoverten in New York City. You can use a metallic polish on your own fingernail for a solid manicure or use the polish to create different nail-art designs. "[I] love pairing it with a classic nude for a festive accent."