Storm Reid's Blue Braids Flawlessly Execute the "Poptarting" Trend

Storm Reid is trying her hand at the "poptarting" hair-color trend. Yesterday, Reid posted a video of her new hairstyle — straight-back cornrow braids — and fans were treated to a fun surprise: some of the braids were a bright, electric blue color. Captioning the video "obsessed with my hair 🥹🦋💙," Reid also added matching blue beads to the ends of her hair, making the entire look a fun nod to the '90s.

The "poptarting" hair trend is predicted to be one of the biggest hair-color trends for summer. "Poptarting is adding a pop of color or panel of any contrasting color to the rest of your hair," Shelley Gregory, colorist and L'Oréal Professionnel ambassador, previously told POPSUGAR. Though the poptarting technique can be done using bold colors like red, pink, or in Reid's case blue, you can achieve the trend using any color you'd like. "The key is to always make sure the color you choose is a stark contrast of what the panel or pop will be next to," Gregory says.

Reid has become well-known for experimenting with her hairstyles. She has been seen in everything from a blond pixie to a crown braid, so we're sure she'll continue to be a major source of hair inspiration. Take a closer look at Reid's hair ahead.