And Best Met Gala Hairstyle Goes to Storm Reid For Her Blond Pixie Cut

Why debut a new hairstyle on Instagram when you could show it off at the 2021 Met Gala surrounded by hundreds of dolled-up stars, like Storm Reid did? Dressed in a custom Prada outfit, Storm debuted a feathery blond pixie cut à la Rihanna and Zoë Kravitz on the red carpet, and the beachy color even came with a few artfully styled waves. Compared to the lengthy braids and long brown waves she was rocking before, Reid's hair transformation is drastically different, and we're already loving the look from every angle.

Letting her new hairdo shine, Reid complemented her entire look with a glossy pink manicure, shimmery baby-pink lips, and white dotted eyeliner. As far as outfits go, the Euphoria star knocked it out of the park, but her short blond hair is going to be on our minds all week long. See Reid's new pixie cut up close ahead.