Sunday Riley Has Donated $50K to COVID-19 Relief Efforts in India

Last spring, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 100 beauty brands announced their efforts to help provide relief and life-saving medical supplies for those affected by the virus, including front-line medical workers and families who were displaced by its economic effects. Over a year later, as the pandemic rages on, the donations and acts of service haven't stopped, and some brands are still helping out as best they can for countries hit hardest by the virus. Skin-care brand Sunday Riley, for example, just announced its donation of $50,000 toward relief in India, which is in the middle of a deadly second wave of COVID cases.

On June 3, Sunday Riley herself took to the brand's official Instagram account to share news of the brand's recent donations to relief efforts in India, which included a $20,000 donation to UNICEF India for medical supplies and $30,000 to OxygenForIndia, which focuses on the country's current shortage of medical oxygen for sick patients.

"India has a dire shortage of oxygen which has had catastrophic effects, partnered with a brutal variant of Covid," Riley wrote, noting that she was infected with the virus in 2020 and had access to an oxygen condenser in the event that she needed it. "It hurts my heart on a human level and on a personal level. . . . Bringing oxygen supplies to India is critical — that's why we've donated $50,000 to help."

According to Business Insider, as of June 4, the total number of reported COVID-19 cases worldwide stood at 172,910,966, with India accounting for over 28 million of them. Behind the United States, India is the second-most COVID-affected country in the world, and in early May, its healthcare system was on the verge of collapse as the number of sick patients began to greatly outweigh the amount of hospital beds and life-saving medical supplies available.

For more information on how to help India, head over here.