Sweater Nail Art Is the Coziest Winter Trend So Far

POPSUGAR Photography | Darrel Hunter
POPSUGAR Photography | Darrel Hunter

As temperatures drop, it wouldn't be surprising if all you want to do is stay inside, snuggle up in a cozy sweater, and binge-watch Netflix. Unfortunately, those aren't the most realistic goals (rent has to be paid, after all), but you can re-create that feeling with your nail art.

Sweater nails are having a huge resurgence on social media right now, and the amount of accompanying sweater nail designs are dizzying. In short, to create this look, nail artists use a dotting tool to carefully layer gel lacquer in cable-knit patterns. If you're more of an over-the-top nail art kind of person, you can add pearls, glitter, and flocking powder to make the style look even more realistic and mimic the textures of your favorite comfy throw-over.

While the technique may be time consuming, that time in the salon chair is absolutely worth it. The finished manicure is super charming and an adorable accent to any winter look. So if you've been wanting to give the trend a spin, read ahead to get a look at some of the best sweater nail art to serve as inspiration for your new manicure.

Additional reporting by Ariel Baker

Beige Sweater Nails

Beige nails get a cozy upgrade with this sweater nail art. The manicure is finished off with a matte topcoat to make these nails look extra relaxing.

Cool-Toned Sweater Nails

These sweater nails are a cool-tones-lover's dream. Paint your own nails in shades of black, gray, and white for a neutral manicure that still pops.

Colorful Sweater Nails

To really make your sweater nails a year-round look, paint each finger different colors to really show off the effect.

Green Mistletoe Sweater Nails

Of course sweater nails make for a perfect holiday manicure, but the matte finish, polka dots, and french tips are all nail-art trends that you can wear with your sweater nails at any point during the year.

French-Tip Sweater Nails

What do you get when you take the traditional french tip and add sweater nail-art designs? This deliciously cozy yet classic manicure.

Flannel-Sweater Nails

This sweater manicure is like taking some flannel pajamas and putting them on your nails. The design only accents the sweater nail art of the last finger.

Simple Sweater Nails

These sweater nails combine a classic supermodel manicure with a heart-shaped sweater nail art for a design that's equal parts cute and trendy.

Pompom Sweater Nails

If you love a theme, you simply can't go wrong with these pompom sweater nails. Keep the nail accessories the same color as the nails for a fun, cohesisve look.

Neutral Sweater French Tips

Sweater nails and french manicures reunite once more, but instead of the traditional white, these nails are painted a deep beige color.