Sydney Sweeney Has Complicated Feelings About Tattoos

Sydney Sweeney was first thrust into the spotlight during the first season of "Euphoria," the show in which she portrays struggling high schooler Cassie Howard. Then we saw her on "The White Lotus," another HBO Max show in which she played Olivia Mossbacher, a college student who is also not sure how she fits into the world around her. At this point in season two of "Euphoria," we want to know everything about the Washington native, especially after she talked to "Elle UK" in January about how she would prefer to have Machine Gun Kelly tattoo her versus Pete Davidson. Does this mean Sweeney is into body art? Not necessarily.

"I feel like I'd get a funnier tattoo from Pete, but I trust Colson more with a tattoo," she said during a game of "Ask Me Anything," referring to MGK by his given name, Colson Baker. "And I think he would do something that I'd want, so I'd probably do [my dog] Tank's paw print or something. I could trust if I couldn't choose — he'd choose something good for me."

A look back at Sweeney's Instagram reveals she knows both stars — who are inked all over their bodies (although Davidson has recently said he is getting his tattoos removed) — from working together on the 2019 movie "Big Time Adolescence." As Sweeney told "Elle," she witnessed Davidson and MGK tattooing one another on set; afterward, MGK claimed the "SNL" star gave him one of the worst tattoos ever. Perhaps the experience was so scarring, Sweeney has said "no" to getting inked herself thus far.

Still, there's another reason Sweeney doesn't have any tattoos. Talking to "Women's Health" in October of last year, Sweeney said she is terrified of needles and has to be held down to get blood drawn or get a shot. "So I have zero tattoos," she confirmed. Sweeney said she was tempted when she saw friends getting inked after they all turned 18. "I thought I could be cool and do it, but nope."

That's not to say the actor doesn't like ink on other people, of course. She recently praised a fan on Twitter for getting a tattoo in honor of her TV series "Everything Sucks."