Keeping Up With Pete Davidson's 100+ Tattoos

There are a few things that pop up on one's mind when they hear Pete Davidson's name — his excellent comedic chops, his infamous high-profile relationships with A-list celebs, and, of course, his impressive collection of tattoos, which consists of 100+ designs. The "SNL" alum started on his body artwork journey when he was 17 — a lyric from Big Sean's song "Mercy" — and over the years, he kept adding to his collection that now boasts dozens of tattoos, both large and small.

Fans of the comedian might know that Davidson is currently undergoing an intense tattoo-removal procedure as he wants to pursue an acting career full-time moving forward. "I honestly never thought that I would get an opportunity to act, and I love it a lot. And it takes three hours. You have to get there three hours earlier to cover all your tattoos 'cause for some reason, people in movies, they don't have them that much. So now I'm burning them off," he explained during a May 2021 appearance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers."

The "Meet Cute" star shared that the ink-removal process is excruciating as it's "burning off your skin," adding a caution to the viewers considering going under the needle. "If you're gonna get tattoos, you know, just make sure you really, really want it." In another 2021 interview with People, he said that all the pieces of ink he plans on erasing will be gone by the time he's 30 years old.

Still, there is ink he intends to keep, including one dedicated to Hillary Clinton (more on that later). In fact, he has plenty of meaningful designs, which makes sense as Davidson is known for getting impromptu matching ink with his friends and lovers. Before his highly publicized split with Kim Kardashian, Davidson managed to get multiple tattoos dedicated to his then-girlfriend. However, fans suspect that he has since removed those tattoos as well. During his whirlwind, short-lived engagement with Ariana Grande in 2018, Davidson also marked his love for the pop artist with a handful of designs that he has since covered up with other artworks. He also has a bunch of tattoos that serve as a beautiful tribute to his late father, a New York firefighter who died during the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Though the Staten Island native has gotten many of his most prominent tattoos removed (while others appear increasingly faded with each passing session), we took a deep dive into Davidson's past and present tattoos. From inks flaunting his proud Potterhead status to his latest tattoos that he got for Kardashian, keep reading for an ultimate breakdown of all pieces in Davidson's expansive tattoo collection, along with their meanings.

Pete Davidson's Neck Tattoos
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Pete Davidson's Neck Tattoos

Pete Davidson's "My Girl is a Lawyer" Tattoo

To celebrate then-girlfriend Kardashian's achievement of passing the baby bar exam, Davidson proudly got the words "My girl is a lawyer" inked near his collarbone. According to Kardashian, this one's her favorite out of the "few" inks he has gotten during their relationship. Some eagle-eyed fans recently spotted the actor with a bandage over his collarbone where the said tattoo used to be, leading them to believe that he's removed the piece, but this has not been confirmed.

Pete Davidson's "KNSCP" Tattoo

Davidson added another sweet tattoo to his massive collection when he got a tiny text saying "KNSCP" inked on the lower right side of the neck, which appears to be a nod to Kardashian's children — who she shares with her ex-husband, Kanye — as the words match their names' initials: North, Saint, Chicago, Psalm.

Pete Davidson's "Jasmine ∞ Aladdin" Tattoo

To commemorate their iconic SNL skit where Davidson played Aladdin and Kardashian portrayed Jasmine's role, the "Bupkis" star got the script tattoo "Jasmine ∞ Aladdin" inked underneath his "KNSCP" ink.

Pete Davidson's "Dangerous Woman"-Inspired Tattoo Cover-Up

During their whirlwind romance, which also resulted in a short-lived engagement, Davidson and Grande marked their love with matching inks as well as several tattoos dedicated to each other. One such tattoo includes the tiny drawing of a bunny-eared mask behind Davidson's left ear, which is a nod to the album cover of the "Thank U, Next" singer's third studio album, "Dangerous Woman." The comedian later converted the tattoo into a black filled-out heart with a lowercase letter "a" in small font placed next to the piece. The pair were still going strong, so the singer's initial might have been a hint about their ongoing relationship at the time.

However, following their breakup, Davidson further covered up the letter "a" with another black-inked heart adjacent to the big one.

Pete Davidson's "Mille Tendresse" Tattoo

Davidson and Grande both got the French text "Mille Tendresse" inked on the nape of their necks. The term comes from the classic feature "Breakfast at Tiffany's" starring Audrey Hepburn, one of Grande's all-time favorite movies. She even name-dropped the movie title in her hit track "7 Rings." The actor has since modified the design, which now reads "Cursed" in thick black letters with red ink providing the base for the body art.

Pete Davidson's "11," "XX," and Smiley Ear Tattoos

The actor has a bunch of tiny tattoos on the left side of his neck. Behind his left ear, Davidson has the number "11," which may be a tribute to his late father, who passed away during the 9/11 attacks. Below "11" and the black heart cover-up tattoos are two crosses that are outlined in black ink. Right next to the crosses, there's also a smiling emoji rounding out a series of tiny inks.

Pete Davidson's "Leo" Tattoo

On his right shoulder, near his collarbone, Davidson has the name "Leo" inked in black, which is the name of his godson and his close friend and fellow comedian Ricky Velez's son.

Pete Davidson's "Kanan" Tattoo

In 2018, Davidson got the name "Kanan" tattooed on his neck, above the left collarbone. It is the name of the son of another one of his friends.

Pete Davidson's Chest Tattoos
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Pete Davidson's Chest Tattoos

Pete Davidson's "Kim" Branding

Davidson got Kardashian's first name, "Kim," branded on the top right side of his chest, which was later confirmed by the SKIMS founder during her April 2022 appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." It's unclear whether Davidson has removed this tattoo following their split.

Pete Davidson's Piggy Smallz Tattoo

During their relationship, Davidson and Grande adopted a pig named Piggy Smallz. Soon after, the comedian got an adorable drawing of their pet on the left side of his waist along with its name, "Piggy Smallz," in small font.

Pete Davidson's Shark Cover-Up Tattoo

On the left side of his chest, Davidson had the phrase, "Jokes come and go, but swag is forever," which he later amended into a shark tattoo. Though the actor hasn't shared the meaning behind the cover-up, a shark tattoo generally symbolizes fearlessness and determination.

Pete Davidson's "Wobbly" Heart Tattoo

Davidson has a smiling heart ink on the left side of his chest, which he later modified by adding the word "Wobbly" inside the heart outline.

Pete Davidson's "Thank Goodness" Tattoo

The phrase "Thank Goodness" is placed on the right side of his chest. The ink, written in small letters, rises in an upward direction and stops beneath his collarbone.

Pete Davidson's "Soulmates" Tattoo

Placed right above the "Wobbly" heart ink, Davidson got the word "Soulmates" tattooed in cursive handwriting. It is unclear who this ink is in reference to.

Pete Davidson's Verrazzano Bridge Tattoo

Near his left shoulder, Davidson has the design of the Verrazzano Bridge, likely a tribute to his hometown, Staten Island, which connects to the NYC boroughs through this bridge.

Pete Davidson's Wu-Tang Tattoo

At the top of his left shoulder, Davidson has the logo of Wu-Tang Clan, a hip-hop group that also hails from Staten Island.

Pete Davidson's "Goon" Tattoo

Davidson got the word "Goon" drawn in red ink on the top right side of his chest. He hasn't shared the significance of the ink.

Pete Davidson's Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tattoo

In 2018, Davidson got a portrait of the former Supreme Court Justice of the US on his top right shoulder, near his collarbone. The iconic tattoo shows Ginsburg wearing a crown and her signature "dissent collar."

Pete Davidson's "Grande" Cover-Up Tattoo

During their brief relationship, Davidson made sure to express his feelings for the "Positions" singer through his love language, i.e., body art. He got the star's last name, "Grande," permanently placed on his right ribcage in a vertically downward style. Since their split, he got this cover-up with a black-inked keyhole concealing the previous ink entirely.

Pete Davidson's Pac-Man Tattoo

Davidson took his game love to the next level when he got the Pac-Man figures tattooed in the middle of his chest.

Pete Davidson's Ghost Emoji Tattoo

Situated right above the Pac-Man ink is the popular ghost emoji. He has not shared its significance.

Pete Davidson's Broken Heart Tattoo

He got a broken-heart symbol in bright red ink in the middle of his sternum and directly above the Pac-Man and the ghost inks. It appears to be inspired by a heartache experienced by Davidson.

Pete Davidson's Skiing Mask Tattoo

He got a skiing mask tattooed layered over a set of tattoos (ghost emoji, broken heart, and Pac-Man) in the middle of his chest.

Pete Davidson's "Mars Attacks!" Alien Tattoo

On the right side of his chest, Davidson has an alien inspired by the 1996 sci-fi movie "Mars Attacks!"

Pete Davidson's "93" Tattoo

"93" is placed in the center of his chest, which is a nod to Davidson's birth year. (He was born on Nov 6, 1993.)

Pete Davidson's Winnie the Pooh Tattoo

The famous cartoon character, Winnie-the-Pooh, has also found a home in Davidson's massive ink collection. The ink is located on the left side of his stomach and shows the Pooh sitting with a red-colored balloon in his hand.

Pete Davidson's ECG Tattoo

He got the Electrocardiogram heart lines inked in the middle of his chest, near the collarbones. The tattoo likely serves as a reminder for the comedian to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

Pete Davidson's "Davidson" Tattoo

His last name, "DAVIDSON," is inked vertically on his left ribcage in capital letters.

Pete Davidson's Dog Tattoo

Inspired by the 2003 animated movie "The Triplets of Belleville," he got a tattoo of Bruno, a plump hound featured in the film, on the top right side of his chest.

Pete Davidson's "Goodfellas" Painting Tattoo

Located between the skiing mask and Pooh ink, there is a detailed tattoo of the oil painting of a man and his dogs on the right side of his stomach. Popularized by the 1990 movie "Goodfellas," the artwork, in turn, draws inspiration from a picture in a 1978 issue of National Geographic, which was painted by the mother of Nicholas Pileggi, who wrote the original book the movie was based on.

Pete Davidson's "Mom Tattoo" Tattoo

The words "Mom Tattoo" sit on the right side of Davidson's chest in red ink. As the text suggests, the design is likely the comedian's way of dedicating the ink to his mother.

Pete Davidson's "Bada Bing!" Tattoo

Davidson got the icon of the fictional strip club "Bada Bing!" tattooed on his right ribcage. Featured in the hit HBO drama "The Sopranos," "Bada Bing!" was highly popularized due to its frequent mention on the show.

Pete Davidson's Scribble Tattoo

Right below the "Bada Bing!" ink, Davidson has a black ink scribbling. He hasn't shared the meaning behind the design.

Pete Davidson's "Shaolin" Tattoo

The word "Shaolin" is tattooed on his waistline in a slightly arched manner. The term refers to an ancient branch of Kung-Fu martial arts.

Pete Davidson's "Christmas Boy" Tattoo

He has the words "Christmas Boy" appear on the right side of his stomach alongside mistletoe.

Pete Davidson's "You Know Bupkis" Tattoo

The phrase "You Know Bupkis" is tattooed on the right side of his chest. The Yiddish term "Bupkis" refers to "nothing."

Pete Davidson's "Katie Must Learn to Share Her Friends" Tattoo

The quote "Katie Must Learn to Share Her Friends. . ." are inked on his right ribcage. Davidson has yet to share the meaning behind the tattoo.

Pete Davidson's "Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down" Tattoo

The phrase "Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down" is inked on the left side of his chest. The quote appears to serve as words of encouragement to pump one up.

Pete Davidson's Leg Tattoos
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Pete Davidson's Leg Tattoos

Pete Davidson's Rodney Dangerfield Tattoo

On his left calf, Davidson got a portrait of the late comedian, actor, and screenwriter, Rodney Dangerfield.

Pete Davidson's "We Babies" Tattoo

When Miley Cyrus hosted "SNL" in 2017, the "Malibu" singer and Davidson dressed up as rapping babies for the skit "The Baby Step," and that struck an inspiration for both as they decided to get a matching friendship tattoo that says "We Babies." During their 2021 joint appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," the duo opened up about their matching inks experience. While Cyrus got hers on her left foot, Davidson placed his on his right wrist. However, since then, the "Meet Cute" star has lasered his tattoo off, while Cyrus's remains. "I didn't know that until I saw a Smartwater commercial, where he's drinking Smartwater, getting his tattoos lasered off. And I'm like, 'Wait a minute. That's right where "We Babies" was,"' the "Midnight Sky" singer shared.

Pete Davidson's "Zeke" Tattoo

While co-starring in the 2019 comedy "Big Time Adolescence," Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly (real name: Colson Baker), his real-life buddy and musician, made an ever-lasting memory. At one point in the story, Kelly's Nick gives Davidson's Zeke a tattoo of his name, "Zeke," on his right leg, and as it turns out, the tattoo is, in fact, real. Davidson shared with The Hollywood Reporter that Kelly gave him the "Zeke" ink in real life while filming the movie.

Pete Davidson's Hillary Clinton Tattoo

Davidson got a Hillary Clinton portrait on his right calf as a tribute to the former Democratic presidential nominee a year after the 2016 election results came out. "I got the tattoo after she lost the election because she's such a cool person. I didn't do it like one of those Super Bowl guys that are like 'The Eagles! We're gonna win!' She's just, like, dope. She's just a dope person," he told Variety in a 2018 interview.

The admiration goes both ways, it seems. On a Sept. 16. episode of NPR's "Wait... Don't Tell Me!" podcast, Clinton was asked if she'd seen Davidson's portrait of her on his leg. "Yes I have," she responded, jokingly adding, "Not in the same way other women have seen it. I was a little bit worried when he said he would start removing his tattoos. But I saw him later, and he assured me that one would stay."

Pete Davidson's "Swerve Life" Tattoo

The tattoo that kicked off Davidson's extensive tattoo journey is a catchphrase inspired by the Big Sean song "Mercy." The tattoo reads "Swerve Life" and can be seen on his right calf.

Pete Davidson's Back Tattoos
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Pete Davidson's Back Tattoos

Pete Davidson's Multiple Cartoon Characters and a Star Tattoo

Several cartoon characters, including Minnie Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Tweety Bird, are featured in a lightning design that starts at the top of his right shoulder blade and stretches across the right top side of his back. At the center of the emanating rays is a smiling star ink that sits at the top of his right shoulder.

Pete Davidson's Flying Eagles Tattoo

Davidson has three flying eagles inked near the center of his back. The design represents adventure, liberty, and protection, though it's unclear if Davidson shares a similar or different significance for getting the tattoo.

Pete Davidson's Smoking Angel Tattoo

In 2019, Davidson added a huge guardian angel holding a lit cigarette to his ever-growing ink collection. The fine-line design, placed on the right side of his back, is done by California-based tattoo artist London Reese.

Pete Davidson's Tootsie Roll Own Tattoo

Davidson has the Tootsie Roll Owl inked right down the middle of his back.

Pete Davidson's "Always" Tattoo

Below the "Cursed" tattoo, Davidson has the word "Always," inspired by the Harry Potter franchise. He got this as a matching ink with Grande, who got the same ink on the front of her left ribcage.

Pete Davidson's Claddagh Ring Tattoo

Located directly below the "Cursed" cover-up ink, Davidson has a Claddagh ring tattoo on his back. The traditional Irish ring is an homage to the comedian's Irish roots (Davidson's mother is of Irish descent) that together represent friendship, loyalty, and love.

Pete Davidson's Smoking Shoe Tattoo

He got a single shoe with animated eyes smoking a cigarette tattooed on his back near the left shoulder blade.

Pete Davidson's Holding Hands Tattoo

Right next to the smoking shoe ink, Davidson has a tattoo of two hands holding each other on his upper left shoulder blade. Though Davidson hasn't confirmed it, the ink is speculated to be inspired by his tumultuous relationship with Grande.

Pete Davidson's Knives Tattoo

On the lower right side of his back, Davidson has a set of seven knives pointed toward his ribcage. A knife in the back may hint at a potential betrayal experienced by the actor.

Pete Davidson's Hoodie Figure and Butterflies Tattoos

On the lower left side of his back, Davidson has a giant hooded figure inked in black and grey, akin to a grim reaper. Its placement is in stark contrast to the angel figure on the opposite side of his back. Surrounding the design are three butterflies. Though the significance of this body art hasn't been disclosed by Davidson, butterfly tattoos tend to represent growth and figurative metamorphism in life.

Pete Davidson's Flower and Bee Tattoo

There's a sweeping flower ink surrounded by three bees that cover the left side of his back.

Pete Davidson's "Rocky Balboa" Quote

He got a quote from the Sylvester Stallone-led 2006 blockbuster "Rocky Balboa" inked on the left side of his back. The motivational ink reads, "It ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward."

Pete Davidson's Boxing Gloves Tattoo

Right beside the "Rocky Balboa" quote, he has a pair of boxing gloves inked on his back. It could either indicate his love for the sport or the movie.

Pete Davidson's "The King of Comedy" Tattoo

Taking inspiration from the 1982 film, "The King of Comedy," starring Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese, Davidson got a motivational dialogue tattooed above his left hip. "Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime," the quote reads.

Pete Davidson's Right Arm Tattoos
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Pete Davidson's Right Arm Tattoos

Pete Davidson's Cazzie David Drawing Cover-Up Tattoo

Davidson dated Cazzie David, daughter of comedian Larry David, for nearly two years before calling it quits in early 2018. During their time together, Davidson got a drawing of the actress on the inside of his right forearm. Besides the design were a bunch of concentric star outlines and small stars, "X.XI Forever" in block letter, a crescent moon in black ink, and a quote that read, "I was saying I was crazy before I knew I was." After the former couple went their separate ways, Davidson redesigned the collection of tattoos into a giant forest of trees that now covers the entirety of his forearm. The significance behind the quote and the Roman numerals (that appear to denote the date 11.10) hasn't been confirmed by either Davidson or David.

Pete Davidson's Watermelon Tattoo

Davidson got a tiny watermelon slice on his right hand, near his wrist. The tattoo is in red, green, and black ink.

Pete Davidson's "The Order of the Phoenix" Tattoo

As a massive self-proclaimed Potterhead, Davidson got another HP-themed ink, an intricate "Order of the Phoenix" tattoo on his right forearm.

Pete Davidson's Unicorn Portrait

Davidson added a massive unicorn ink on his right bicep in 2019.

Pete Davidson's Direwolf GOT Tattoo

Davidson got a GOT-inspired dire wolf ink on his right arm, near his elbow.

Pete Davidson's Father's ID Tattoo

Davidson's father's driver's license is inked on the top of his right shoulder. Three star emojis are also placed above the I.D. — one smiling, one sad, and one straight-lipped.

Pete Davidson's "Light Up the Dark" Tattoo

Right below the I.D. tattoo, Davidson has the phrase "Light Up the Dark" inked on his right shoulder. It may be inspired by Gabrielle Aplin's 2015 studio album and title track of the same name.

Pete Davidson's "2.19.4" Tattoo

On the inside of his right elbow, he also has the numbers "2. 19. 4" inked. However, their significance remains a mystery.

Pete Davidson's Right Hand Tattoos
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Pete Davidson's Right Hand Tattoos

Pete Davidson's "AG" Tattoo

Davidson also got the "No Tears Left to Cry" singer's name initials, "AG," tattooed on his right thumb, which he later turned into a mini kite following their breakup.

Pete Davidson's "Reborn" Tattoo

Davidson and Grande got the word "Reborn" tattooed on their thumbs to commemorate their engagement. While Davidson's ink was on his right thumb, the "Sweetener" singer's was on her right thumb.

Pete Davidson's "Warning" Tattoo

Davidson has the ink "Warning" located on the outer side of his right wrist.

Pete Davidson's Stick With a Pistol Tattoo

Right above the "Warning" tattoo, Davidson has a tiny stick figure holding out a pistol. Whether these two designs are connected is unknown.

Pete Davidson's Pokémon Ball Tattoo

Davidson has a black-and-white Pokémon ball on his right pinky finger.

Pete Davidson's Gryffindor Tattoo

On his right ring finger, Davidson has the symbol of Gryffindor, one of the four Hogwarts houses in the HP franchise.

Pete Davidson's Golden Snitch Tattoo

He has another HP-themed ink on his right middle finger: a tiny black-and-white snitch ball, which is instrumental in winning the fictional fantasy sport, Quidditch.

Pete Davidson's "Fuck You" Tattoo

Aptly placed on the inside of his middle right finger, he has the words "Fuck You."

Pete Davidson's "Redrum" Tattoo

Davidson has "Redrum" spelled across the back of his right hand in red ink, which is a reference to the cult-favorite 1980 horror film "The Shining." It is a mirror image of the word "murder" that serves as a significant revelation in Stephen King's story.

Pete Davidson's Tiny Heart and Peace Tattoo

On the back of his right hand, Davidson has a tiny black heart and the symbol of peace beside it.

Pete Davidson's Left Arm Tattoos
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Pete Davidson's Left Arm Tattoos

Pete Davidson's "8418" Tattoo

Davidson has the number "8418," his late father's FDNY badge number, tattooed on his left arm. Grande also got the same number tattooed on the top of her foot, which she later got covered up after the ex-pair went their separate way following their split.

Pete Davidson's Father's Fireman Hat Tattoo

Right below "8418," Davidson has his father's fireman's hat with the number "343" over it tattooed on his left forearm.

Pete Davidson's Galaxy Tattoo

Stretched across his left forearm, Davidson has a massive galaxy artwork that features Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, and multiple tiny stars.

Pete Davidson's "Pure Imagination" Tattoo

"Pure Imagination" is written above his left elbow above the galaxy ink.

Pete Davidson's Willy Wonka Tattoos

Davidson has Willy Wonka ink on the side of his left forearm.

Pete Davidson's Firefighter Tattoo

Davidson has a kneeling firefighter ink on his left bicep. It's a tribute to his father, who was a firefighter.

Pete Davidson's HP Dumbledore Quote

The famous Dumbledore quote from "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" is permanently inked on the inside of Davidson's left forearm. "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light," it reads.

Pete Davidson's "IX" Tattoo

Near his elbow, on his left arm, Davidson has the Roman numeral "IX" enclosed in a cloud. This tattoo may also be dedicated to his father, who passed away during the 9/11 tragedy.

Pete Davidson's "The Brave Little Toaster" Tattoo

Inspired by "The Brave Little Toaster" film series, Davidson got the sentient titular animated character tattooed above his left elbow.

Pete Davidson's DoodleBob Tattoo

DoodleBob is a doodle made of SpongeBob that is featured in several episodes of the animated series "SpongeBob SquarePants," including "Doodle Dimension" and "Frankeldoodle." Davidson took inspiration from the show and got the 2-D doodle inked on his left elbow.

Pete Davidson's Grinch Tattoo

Davidson got the sullen and cynical cartoon character tattooed on his left forearm.

Pete Davidson's "1993" Tattoo

He has "1993" inked on his left elbow, which is the "SNL" star's birth year. (He was born on Nov 16, 1993.)

Pete Davidson's Tiger Tattoo

He has a tiger inked on the underside of his left arm. A tiger tattoo symbolizes strength and tenacity.

Pete Davidson's Crying Heart Tattoo

The comedian has a crying heart ink with red-inked tears streaming out of it on the inner side of his left forearm. He hasn't revealed the significance of the ink.

Pete Davidson's "Enable Me to be…" Quote Tattoo

Davidson got a quote from the Fireman's Prayer tattooed atop his left bicep. It reads, "Enable me to be alert and near the weakest shout," and commemorates his dad's legacy.

Pete Davidson's Four-Leaf Clover Tattoo

A four-leaf clover, widely considered a harbinger of good luck, is tattooed on Davidson's left arm, near the elbow.

Pete Davidson's "SMD" Tattoo

The actor paid tribute to his late father by getting his name Scott Matthew Davidson's initials, "SMD," on the inside of his left arm.

Pete Davidson's Rubber Duck Tattoos

The three rubber ducks are arranged in a row and are placed on the inner fold of his left elbow, right above the "8418" tattoo.

Pete Davidson's Lotus Tattoo

Davidson has a lotus inked on the inside of his left elbow. A lotus flower symbolizes spiritual awakening and purity.

Pete Davidson's Left Hand Tattoos
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Pete Davidson's Left Hand Tattoos

Pete Davidson's "H2GKMO" Cover-Up Tattoo

"H2GKMO" was another one of Davidson and Grande's matching ink that the former pair got on their left thumbs. It stands for the "7 Rings" singer's favorite saying: "Honest to God, knock me out." The actor has since amended the ink into a black filled-out arrow.

Pete Davidson's Cloud Tattoo

Davidson and Grande both inked matching tiny cloud outlines on their left middle fingers.

Pete Davidson's "817" Tattoo

The number "817" is inked on the outside of his right thumb. Their significance isn't known.

Pete Davidson's "Wrong Way" Tattoo

The words "Wrong Way" are tattooed in red ink alongside the black cover-up arrow on his left hand.

Pete Davidson's "237" Tattoo

The digit "237" sit on his outer right wrist. Davidson hasn't revealed the meaning of the set of numerals.

Pete Davidson's Lightning Bolt and Astronaut Tattoo

On the outer side of his left wrist, Davidson has a tiny ink of an astronaut and a lightning bolt, the latter of which is likely another reference to his favorite Harry Potter, who got the forehead scar after narrowly surviving Voldemort's attack in his infantile age.

Pete Davidson's Deathly Hallows Tattoo

On the inside of his left wrist, Davidson got the ink representing the Deathly Hallows. In the HP fantasy world, the Deathly Hallows consists of three immensely powerful mystical objects that together create an unbeatable combination — the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility.

Pete Davidson's Heart Tattoo

A tiny black heart outline is placed on Davidson's left pinky finger.

Pete Davidson's Ring Cover-Up Tattoo

The word "May" was tattooed on Davidson's left ring finger as it is the birthday month of his then-girlfriend, David (born on May 10, 1994). After their breakup, Davidson covered up the tattoo with three thick black strips making a ring.

Pete Davidson's Pikachu Tattoo

A tiny Pikachu ink sits on the actor's left index finger.

Pete Davidson's Map Tattoo

Several lines run across the back of his left hand and chart an indentified map.

Pete Davidson's "None" Tattoo

Davidson has the word "None" inked on the back of his left hand near his knuckles. He hasn't disclosed the inspiration behind the ink.