6 Places Where You Can Buy Temporary Tattoos That Look Like the Real Thing

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I've got serious commitment issues when it comes to tattoos. For the last few years, I've contemplated taking the step toward permanent ink, but it all seems so, well, concrete. I often think about how much I wish tattoos were like cars that you could test-drive until I realize that they . . . kind of are. There are plenty of brands out there that specialize in temporary tattoos that you apply without the added pain, stress, or commitment. I'll warn you, though, that these definitely aren't the same kind of temporary tats we used to wear as kids — they're better!

From tattoos that'll add a pop of color to everything you do to realistic designs made by actual artists, read ahead to check out a few places where you can purchase temporary tattoos that look real.

— Additional reporting by Jessica Cruel

Flash Tattoos

Flash Tattoos spawned as a company selling metallic tattoos that were made to look like jewelry, and they were wildly popular among festival-goers. Since then, the brand has expanded its range to include temporary tattoos inspired by pop culture and current events and even special collections designed by celebrities and influencers.


Tattly's products aren't just any temporary tattoos — they're temporary tattoos designed by actual tattoo artists and illustrators. Most of them come in minimalist designs, and they're all waterproof and nontoxic.

Inked by Dani

At Inked by Dani, you'll find everything from tattoos featuring your favorite quotes to those that honor your zodiac sign — and each tattoo is hand-drawn.


Inkbox tattoos feature a special kind of ink that's able to sink into the top layer of your skin and leave behind a temporary design that'll stay for up to two weeks. Each tattoo is designed using plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients.


In case you've ever wanted to get your favorite literary quotes tattooed on you, there's a place for that. Litographs has a small collection of temporary tattoo sets featuring quotes from classic stories like Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, and Alice in Wonderland.


At Tattify, you'll find a range of wearable tattoos inspired by art and designed by artists. Many of them are designed in color, though there are some pretty stunning black-and-white looks available as well.