Tie-Dye Is the Latest Instagram Beauty Trend, and It's Taking Us Straight Back to Summer Camp

Tie-dye has taken over the fashion world in 2019, so it was only a matter of time before it entered the beauty space, too. And after seeing all of these tie-dye eye makeup looks on Instagram, we are so glad that the trend made its way to the beauty side.

The psychedelic print burst (literally) onto the fashion scene in full force this year. You can buy tie-dye t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, and even tie-dye denim, all of which is flashing us straight back to memories of Summer camp and sleepovers. We're fully embracing the '90s resurgence in every aspect of our fashion choices, and now, we're ready to do the same with our makeup. Or, at least look in amazement at all the far-out tie-dye looks people have been posting on their Instagram feeds lately.

We first saw hints of the trend backstage at the Autumn 2019 fashion shows: at Collina Strada in New York City, models wore a mixture of pastel hues around their eyes, which were applied in a way that created a tie-dye-like effect from afar. And we saw it again at Eckhaus Latta, also in NYC, where makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench used an airbrush tool to add splashes of watercolors around the eye area.

Since then, makeup artists all over Instagram have been creating their own versions of tie-dye eyes.

The tie-dye effect is created by layering vibrantly colored eye shadows or eyeliners, and using a gradient technique to fade one color (which requires a lot of blending) into the next to create a swirl of bright hues. Some people have even taken the trend onto the lips, using the same technique with neon-pigmented liquid lipsticks.

Keep reading to see each and every one of our favorite tie-dye beauty looks on Instagram.