"Digital Lavender" Nails Are the New Neutral

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  • "Digital lavender" is the latest nail color to trend.
  • The hue is a variation of a cool-toned, milky shade with a light purple shift .
  • A celebrity nail artist explains why the "digital lavender" nails are trending and how to get the look.

The rise of neutral nails is here. From milk-bath manicures to "glazed-doughnut" finishes to the "supermodel" nail look, there's no shortage of inspiration. Now, and especially as warmer weather approaches, there's one that industry experts are predicting will rise to the top of the pack — and it's a way cooler take on the minimalist look we've seen so far. Enter: "digital lavender" nails.

There's a reason for its recent uptick in popularity. "This color was named by trend forecasting website WSGN — along with its sister company Coloro — as 2023's color of the year," celebrity manicurist, Julie Kandalec, tells POPSUGAR. "We've been seeing it on everywhere from runways, to nail and makeup looks."

So what exactly are "digital lavender" nails? Well, they are about to be your new go-to neutral color — but with a twist. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are "Digital Lavender" Nails?

"'Digital lavender' is a shade of the color that's cooler-toned and a bit more muted than the classic," Kandalec says. Think of all your favorite beige nail looks, but with a hint of purple, instead of their usual straightforward finishes. Many versions of the "digital lavender" trend even take the look up a notch by adding holographic top coats or chrome powder.

The look is similar to the frosted nail trend of the early aughts that's being spotlighted by some of our favorite TV shows. "The color has been trending thanks to 'Euphoria' and it's still holding strong with spring looks," Kandalec says.

Plus, since "digital lavender" nails can be as much about the finish as they are the color, if you're getting the manicure at a salon, Kandalec suggests bringing in some real-life inspiraton. "Bring a photo of something in the exact shade you'd like to match but it'd be best if it's something tangible like a blazer, or a piece of jewelry," Kandalec says. "This way you can really show the finish that you're after as well."

Products to Create "Digital Lavender" Nails At Home

If you're more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, there are quite a few polish options that you can choose from. Kandalec recommends the Lights Lacquer in Lilac Wine ($11) for a soft jelly finish, the OPI Nail Polish in I Sold My Crypto ($11) for a chrome-like effect, and the CND Vinylux in Lavender Lace ($12) for a soft, shimmery look.

Or, if press-ons are more your style, we love the Dashing Diva Magic Press in Pretty Glitz ($9) or Galactic Mermaid ($6, originally $9). To add a little extra drama to your polish or press-on set, you can also add your own special touches like nail decals, chrome powder, or charms.

"Digital Lavender" Nails Inspiration

Now that you're probably itching to switch out your nails, get some inspiration for your own "digital lavender" nails here. Whether you're a die-hard minimalist and want to stick to your roots, or you just want to incorporate the color into Kawaii nail art, you have plenty of options.