"Translucent Brown" Is Summer's Hottest Hair-Color Trend

Spring may have just begun, but we've already got our sights set on summer. Between the exciting, new product launches and the fresh beauty trends on the horizon, we're already working on our summer mood boards, and of course, the season's hottest hair-color trend called "translucent brown" is on there.

Translucent brown is the newest hair trend created especially for brunettes. It comes hot off the heels of the viral "expensive brunette" color — which has been seen on celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Khloé Kardashian, and Zendaya — but translucent brown is like its more easygoing cousin.

What Is the Translucent-Brown Hair Color?

"Translucent brown offers pops of lighter strands that provide versatility to deepen or lighten, depending on the season," Sunnie Brook, Biolage global ambassador and celebrity stylist, tells POPSUGAR. She equates the expensive-brunette shade to velvet, while translucent brown is like linen "with light passing through." It's much subtler and gives your hair more dimension, and it requires far less commitment because it's "softer with not as much pigment saturation."

How to Get the Translucent-Brown Hair Color

"Achieving this look will vary depending on your natural/current base," Brook says. For natural brunettes, achieving the translucent look will involve adding lighter pieces of balayage throughout the hair and "toning it with a softer, neutral brunette gloss that still allows those light pieces to shine through."

If your hair is naturally lighter or blond, Brook recommends experimenting with lowlights and toning the hair a level or two darker. "This will allow you to explore the brunette side but still let those golden highlights to peek through."

Translucent-Brown Maintenance

The maintenance for the translucent-brown hair color isn't nearly as involved as it is for other dark hair-color trends. "The main area of upkeep with this color is the tone since the lighter pieces are intended to be very subtle," Brook says. She recommends using a purple shampoo to keep the blond highlights in the hair looking bright. "You'll need to stop in and see your stylist every eight weeks or so to freshen up with a gloss, or do what I like to call a 'tune up' by taking the translucent-brown tone, applying it to the base, and just pulling through a few strands to create lowlights."

The translucent-brown hair-color trend is an easy way to freshen up your look just in time for summer. Get inspiration for the hair color ahead.