Recovered From Timothée Chalamet's Bowl Cut? Please Acknowledge Robert Pattinson's Blond Highlights

You guys, what is up with the hair in Netflix's The King? First we had Timothée Chalamet, who somehow figured out how to make a bowl cut sexy, and now Robert Pattinson is strutting around in a blond-highlighted wig like it's no big deal.

The actor (who plays King Henry V's foe, the Dauphin) is featured for approximately four seconds in the movie's newly released trailer, but that was all it took for the internet to start buzzing about his shoulder-length style. Extradedicated Twilight fans couldn't help noticing a similarity between Pattinson's blond hair and Jasper Cullen's. You can take the man out of Forks, WA . . .

Keep reading to see a few of our favorite reactions to Pattinson's long hair. Something tells us he won't keep this look for his role as Batman, but we certainly can dream.

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The King Trailer