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Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts From e.l.f. Cosmetics and More

Be Your Own Valentine This Year and Give Yourself the Gift of Beauty

Can we just be honest about something? Traditional Valentine's Day gifts are . . . kinda boring. Not bad, just a little on the meh side of things. Flowers are always so pretty, but there's nothing surprising about them. Lingerie is theoretically hot, but how often does a gifted thong actually fit properly? Fragrance is risky, since it's extremely personal. The one exception is chocolate. It is never a bad time for chocolate, and nobody should be discouraged from giving chocolate at any time, for any reason. (It's chocolate!)

The point is, Valentine's Day presents can be a lot more fun, especially when you're doing your own gift giving. Whether you're celebrating with a partner or doing the solo thing, this most romantic of holidays calls for a treat or two for — and from — yourself. And a beauty product is just the thing to bring more color, vibrancy, softness, and moments of joy to your world. You can splurge, of course, but (as e.l.f. cosmetics proves) you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot. So break open a chocolate bar, then read on for gift ideas that will make you feel gorgeous and cared for this Valentine's Day.

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