Fall in Love With These Valentine's Day Nail Designs

What do you spend more time thinking about: your Valentine's Day nails or your actual plans for the day? While some spend time planning out the perfect gift for that special someone, we've been pondering our Valentine's Day nail designs since New Year's Eve. What we're doing on Feb. 14 has yet to be determined, but that's where our priorities are.

It doesn't matter if you're taken this year or still waiting for cupid's arrow to hit someone special — everyone can appreciate a fun and festive manicure. There are a lot of different directions that you can take your Valentine's Day nails in (hence the need to plan in advance). There are nail-art designs covered in tiny, romantic hearts, delicate flowers, and even avant-garde sketches for those who like to put their own twist on things. Whether you go the glitter route and get a full, dazzling set or your style is more minimal and you stick to a simple heart nails with a natural shape, these Valentine's Day nail ideas will have you feeling the love — even if it's just for your manicurist.

To find your match made in manicure heaven, keep reading for more Valentine's Day nail ideas.

Red Valentine's Day Nails

Your Valentine's Day nail desigs doesn't have to be complicated to make an impact. This manicure is painted a simple red color but still have a wow factor thanks to the v-cut french tip on the accent nail.

Valentine's Day Nails With Abstract Portraits

Now if you do want to step up your Valentine's Day nail art, you can never go wrong with a pink-themed manicure. This set has abstract silhouettes and is finished by a matte topcoat.

Valentine's Day Nails With Red and Pink French Tips

Thanks to Valentine's Day, pink and red feel like the unofficial February nail colors. Spice up your nails by alternating between the two colors for a cute, themed nail.

Valentine's Day Nails With Pink Gems

Another Valentine's Day nail design that you have to try are pink nails with matching pink gems. The look feels classic but elevated and chic.

Valentine's Day Nails With Cherries

Cherry nail art makes the perfect Valentine's Day nails pop even more. Go the extra mile and get an additional print like plaid as a base, so the design can really stand out.

Valentine's Day Nails With Glitter Purple Hearts

One unexpected Valentine's Day nail color? Lilac. These lilac french tips with heart-shaped glitter won't feel too holiday specific, and they're so cute, you'll want to keep them on long after Valentine's Day anyway.

Valentine's Day Nails With Wavy White Lines

Sometimes less is more when it comes to Valentine's Day nails, and what better way to keep your manicure simple than to opt for wavy white lines?

Valentine's Day Nails With Pink Butterflies

Pink butterflies for your Valentine's Day nails just make sense, don't they? That's why these butterfly french tips feel especially timely. Not only do the butterfly wings on the middle and ring fingers catch the eye, but they also feel extra romantic.

Valentine's Day Nails With Delicate Flowers

You know what's better than getting flowers on Valentine's Day? Getting them on your nails. This adorable floral manicure does just that and incorporates small flowers and glitter into this otherwise very minimal nail look.

Valentine's Day Nails With Abstract Shapes

Abstract nail art can feel particularly tied to the summer, but painting the shapes in pink, red, and purple like the manicure seen here is an easy way to make it Valentine's Day themed.

Valentine's Day Nails With Cartoon Hearts

There's nothing more adorable than cartoon nail art, so give your Valentine's Day nails a "Powerpuff" makeover with these animated-looking pink hearts.

Valentine's Day Nails With Glitter Ombré Kisses

"Lip" silhouettes are one of the lesser-worn Valentine's Day nail-art looks, but they get the job done every time. Add them to an accent nail to jazz up your next manicure.

Valentine's Day Nails With Heart French Tips

If you want to try a fun twist on a french manicure, make your tips heart-shaped. This cherry mocha shade is trending right now, too.

Valentine's Day Nails With Candy Hearts

Not a big fan of Valentine's Day? Show your love (or dislike) for the holiday with a cheeky candy heart-themed manicure.