Virgo Tattoo Ideas You'll Want to Show Off

The popularity of astrology has undoubtedly skyrocketed over the last few years. Lovers of all things mystical and spiritual have found ways to incorporate their passion into their beauty routines, and one of the best ways to do that is by getting an astrology tattoo, either of your sign or constellation. Certain personalities are more inclined to get a tattoo than others (think: more adventurous and open to experimentation), and there would be no one better suited to represent their sign than a Virgo.

Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos share a sign with Beyoncé, so we don't exactly blame them for always wanting to talk about their horoscopes or the fact that they are, technically, spiritually related to musical royalty. Still, if you're a little more subdued, why not get a Virgo tattoo to profess your love for your astrological sign to the world without having to ever utter a word?

Virgo zodiac tattoos can be as versatile as any other design, as you can opt for simple, one-word "Virgo" tattoos, constellations, or the symbol of the maiden. With that, trying to narrow down just one Virgo zodiac tattoo idea can feel like a never-ending task. To help you figure out just what to get, we rounded up the best designs we could find for any body-art lover. From dainty, fine-line pieces to larger, more realistic portraits, ahead are the best Virgo tattoo ideas to consider before you make that appointment.

Abstract Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Your constellation tattoo doesn't have to be comprised solely of one design. Why not incorporate other elements, like this abstract figure of the maiden, to provide a bit more visual interest?

Line-and-Dot Virgo Tattoo

Are you kind of a minimalist? This Virgo zodiac sign tattoo is comprised entirely of lines and dots — a more low-key interpretation of the horoscope.

Tiny Virgo Tattoo

Tiny tattoos will always be in style, so this small Virgo "M" will have a place in any tattoo collection.

Hidden Virgo Tattoo

If you prefer your tattoos to be hidden, get one behind your ear. It would be the perfect place for a wheat stalk.

Floral "M" Virgo Tattoo

Make your "M" Virgo tattoo dainty and feminine by incorporating colorful flowers on each line of the letter.

Sunrise Virgo Tattoo

This Virgo tattoo features the maiden against the backdrop of a sunrise. This character represents the horoscope and typically carries a shaft of wheat, which was cleverly added to the bottom of the design and connected to the rest of the piece using geometric shapes.

"M" Virgo Symbol Tattoo

Also a representative of the maiden, the Virgo "M" with a curled tail is one of the more recognizable symbols used to honor the zodiac sign. If you want a more straightforward Virgo tattoo, you can't go wrong with this one.

Script Virgo Tattoo

Another fairly simple design, this neck tattoo simply reads "Virgo." Short, sweet, and to the point.

Traditional Virgo Tattoo

Are you a fan of more traditional and colorful tattoos? Get your own interpretation of the Virgo maiden and add different motifs like stars, gold accents, and more.

Black Ink Virgo Tattoo

Your realistic Virgo tattoo can still make an impact with just black ink. We love the details in this one, like the negative-space "V" and butterflies,

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