Unleash Your Creativity With These Watercolor Tattoo Ideas

It seems like the majority of popular tattoo styles these days only come in one color — black. While we appreciate the minimalist nature of these designs, we also think that you shouldn't be afraid to go for the bold when it comes to your ink. After all, you wouldn't want to be restricted to one nail polish or lipstick hue. These beautiful watercolor tattoos color outside the lines for a stunning painterly look. Even better, you can incorporate the technique into any tat you've been dying to try, whether it's flowers, stars, or another design.

Fabulous Feather

Tattoo Twins

Fantastic Feather

Goldfish With Flair

Passing Notes

Dragon Doodle

What a Gem!

Gazing Alice

Talented Trumpeter

Lavender Elegance

Happy Hummingbird

Just Press Play

Technicolor Kitten

Colorful Cranes

We Heart It

Pastel Posy

Ethereal Elephant

Lovely Lilies

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