The "Waterfall Layers" Haircut Trend Is Just the Thing Your Long Hair Needs

If the phrase "waterfall layers" makes you think of being somewhere warm, staring into a crystal-clear pool with the tranquil sound of splashing in the background, you're not too far off. While it doesn't refer to a tropical destination, exactly, it does describe a haircut trend that certainly lends itself to summer.

Waterfall layers create "a cascading waterfall effect," Shannel Jones, Georgia-based hairstylist and waterfall haircut master, told POPSUGAR. "Face-framing layers start short at the nose or chin area. These layers are blended in every direction, allowing hair to be styled in many ways."

The cut works for all hair types and textures but there's one rule: "The hair needs to be extra long," said celebrity hairstylist and UNITE ambassador Graham Nation.

In warmer temperatures, Jones said the waterfall layer haircut trend is great for "removing unwanted weight" but keeping the length of the hair the same. It makes your hair look bouncy and full of volume. You'll be channeling your inner mermaid with this hairstyle.

Keep reading for waterfall layers haircut inspiration that you can save to show your hairstylist.