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What Is the Wet Mop Haircut? The Hairstyle Is Trending

Everything You Should Know About TikTok's Favorite "Wet Mop Haircut"

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  • The "wet mop haircut" is trending thanks to TikTok.
  • The hairstyle is a messier, more modern bowl cut.
  • A hairstylist explains what to ask for at the salon and how to style the cut.

Along with the "that girl" aesthetic, the "wet mop haircut" is all over TikTok right now. You've probably seen this hairstyle in action on the heads of some of your favorite video creators on the app without even realizing. But what is the TikTok-famous wet mop haircut?

"The wet mop hairstyle is a modified bowl cut," Devin Toth, hairstylist at Salon SCK in NYC, told POPSUGAR. "If the Beatles or Justin Bieber had wavy hair instead of smooth, straight hair, it would resemble the current 'wet mop haircut.'"

The start of the mop hairstyle's popularity can be traced loosely back to the beginning of the pandemic two years ago. Without regular access to hair salons and professional stylists, many people grew out their hair. The style is traditionally worn on curly or wavy hair types, which adds extra volume to the top of the head, and incorporates long eyebrow-grazing bangs.

"Any face shape that would look good with long bangs will look good with this haircut," said Toth. "So, a long face or someone with a large forehead would appreciate this trend." If the countless videos on TikTok have you convinced to try the haircut trend, you won't want to just ask your hairstyle for the "mop haircut." Instead, Toth recommended: "Ask for a choppy bowl haircut vibe in the front that goes beneath the eyebrows, without the severe bowl-like shape extending to the sides and back of their head."

For styling post-salon visit, you'll want to look for curly hair products that will boost volume and enhance your hair's texture. The messier and undone the better with this style.

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