Bowl Cuts Are Back — and Actually Really Cute?

Over the last few years, a few hairstyles of yore started quietly making their comebacks. From the resurgence of the mullet haircut to the shag, hairstyles popularized by previous generations are staging a fierce return. Still, there's one particular cut that we truly thought had been laid to rest for good but has made its way once again to the trend forefront. Allow us to reintroduce you to the bowl cut.

Before your eyes roll out of your head, we can tell you that the bowl cut of today is not the bowl cut that your mom gave you circa the early 2000s cut (or the Vidal Sassoon bowl — named after the late hairstylist — you might be thinking of). The modern version is cool and, dare we say, kind of cute? "The bowl cut is the purest extension of a bang," Devin Toth, a hairstylist at NYC's Salon SCK, previously told POPSUGAR. "It's easy, it's fun, it's bold, and it's also celebrity driven."

Just take Rosario Dawson's chic take on the bowl cut at 2023 CFDA Awards. Oh, and remember how unbelievably spectacular Charlize Theron looked with one back in 2019? The style has only improved since then, and the blunt variations that we were used to seeing in the past can (thankfully) stay there.

The key to making it modern? "Make [the cut] less extreme and more wispy and choppy, like Rihanna's red-color bowl cut from 2010," Toth says. "Even if you cut some texture into a bowl cut, it's still super thick-looking, which is cool and really in right now."

The numerous iterations of this style now trending are too good to keep to ourselves, so we've rounded up our favorite modern bowl cuts for you to use as inspiration if you want to up your cool factor by a million.

Textured Bowl Cut

Adding choppy layers at the top of the head helps ease the transition from bowl cut to the hair on the sides and bottom of the head.

Longer Bowl Cut

Similar to the "bixie" cut — which combines a bob with a pixie — but with an added softness, this longer bowl cut would look flattering on anyone.

Wavy Bowl Cut

Who says the bowl-cut style can't enhance your natural texture or waves? Consider this photo proof that it can.

Sleek Bowl Cut

Adding a wispy texture to the front bangs keeps this bowl cut from looking dated and adds bounce to the overall look.

Bowl-Cut Mullet

This style combines two of the biggest throwback hair trends — the bowl cut and mullet — into one. The mullet keeps the back of the hair a longer, wispier style, and the bowl cut in the front keeps its signature bang. For those of us who can't decide which trend to jump back into, this may be the style for you.

Asking for an undercut on the sides of the head is an added detail that ups the edge factor.

Bowl Cut With a Subtle Undercut

The style features an undercut — which is a buzzed look on the sides or bottom of the head — but is a bit more subtle. The fade creates a beautiful gradient that accents the shape of the cut.

Bowl Cut With a Blunt Undercut

This bowl cut is an edgier take on the style and features a completely bare undercut near the nape of the neck. This style accentuates natural hair texture beautifully.

Bowl Cut With Soft Layers

This bowl cut features a colorful take on the style, while the subtle layers add movement and dimension.

Bowl-Cut Bang

This cut is a quintessential bang that covers the entire forehead but also follows the bowl-cut guidelines by keeping the entire style short and closer to the face.