The Secret Places Beauty Professionals Go

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As with any industry, beauty professionals can sometimes speak a language of their own. Whether it's baking that has nothing to do with being in a kitchen or describing a hairstyle that is named after an animal, there can be a certain "if you know you know" energy within the inner circles of experts. This can also be said about where they like to shop.

Yes, there are the Sephoras and Ulta Beautys that everyone knows about, but there are also a few lesser-known stores that cater to professional beauticians that are largely kept under wraps from the general public. Whether it's to shop for their professional kits or where they go when they need elevated versions of an everyday tool, every beauty pro has a secret place or two that they keep close to their chest when it comes to buying products for work.

Thankfully, a few of them were willing to spill their secrets. From where they shop for items that are essential for organizing your stash to the "Target of Korean beauty," ahead, professionals in the beauty industry reveal the places they go to make their jobs (and lives) infinitely easier.

Teso Life

One place where many beauty pros agreed they love is called Teso Life, a Japanese department store with multiple locations in New York, plus another coming soon to Texas. "Teso Life is like a Target that's filled with Asian beauty brands," aesthetician Ashley White tells PS. Celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec agrees, adding, "I first discovered Teso Life when I was in Korea. I was so excited when one popped up here in New York."

Both professionals go to the store for different things, but that only speaks to the sheer number of options available. "I go there for a ton of items like cotton pads for my kit that have interesting shapes like little hearts or flowers," Kandalec says. "I also get foot and hand masks, nail-art charms not found anywhere else, and room fragrances that I use in my atelier."

White, on the other hand, is a fan of the Korean skin-care options offered. "I love the sunscreens that come in spray bottles or in the form of sticks," she says. "I also tend to grab the cleansing oils and iron mascaras, which are like normal formulas but with wands made of iron instead of traditional bristles."

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

When it comes to kit organization, there's one place that makeup artist Jonet Williamson swears by: Manhattan Wardrobe Supply. Located in New York City, the store offers wardrobe supplies for film and theater, as well as makeup products and tools for the beauty pros that help to bring those shows to life.

"This is where we get a lot of stuff for our kit organization, including set bags for easy access to our items on the go," she says. "This store also allows us to shop pro brands like Mehron and Kryolan, as well as airbrush and alcohol-based makeup for waterproof looks and underwater scenes."

The Makeup Show

A ticketed event that takes place in numerous cities across the United States, The Makeup Show is also another one of Williamson's favorite places. "It's a tradeshow that offers great deals on makeup, tools, and more, and is hosted all over the United States." While the event costs money to attend, if you're looking to break into the beauty industry, it can also be a great way to network with leaders in the space.

Japan Scissors

If there's one thing that beauty professionals don't skimp on, it's their tools. "The Joewell Supreme Rose Gold Hair Scissors ($949, originally $1200) are a non-negotiable for me and I get them at," celebrity hairstylist Rene Fris says. The store is only online as of right now, but despite the steep price tag of some of the tools, he says the items are worth it. "They slice perfectly in my fingers and the blades are phenomenal."


Another one of Fris's must-go places is Muji, which you may be more familiar with as a furniture and organization store, because it stocks an essential in his kit. "I cannot work without the Muji Hair Clips ($4)," he says. "They're the only ones that do not leave any marks in the hair when it's wet or when you're tidying up each section during haircuts."

Now that you know the insider tricks to the trade, feel free to level up your own beauty routine. If you've ever wanted to moonlight as a beauty professional at home, your time is now.

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