Jen Atkin Told Us We're Shampooing Wrong, and We're Ouai on Board With This Trick

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During a recent event to discover the latest batch of Ouai hair care products, Jen Atkin had a lot of tips to share, and everyone in the room listened like it was a matter of hair life or death. I mean, it kind of was.

Aside from teaching us the best way to use some of the most popular Ouai products — don't just be lazy with it, work your dry texture foam ($28) until it actually dries — the hair guru also told us how we're shampooing wrong. Yep, the one beauty ritual we all thought we had absolutely nailed might actually be doing our hair a disservice.

As it turns out, we should all be using two shampoos instead of one for our entire head, particularly if we have balayage or ombré. Jen suggests a volumizing shampoo for the roots, and a moisturizing option for the ends. Because of the hair dyeing and processing we put it through, not all the hair on our head is equal, and using two different products will help balance it out.

By doing this, we will not only be protecting our ends, but we'll also finally be getting volume, which will make styling easier and will allow the products to work better with our hair, too. And if Instagram beach waves are what you're after, simply work in the Ouai Wave Spray ($29) for a Ouai cute finish.

Oh, and here's one last tip: use the Ouai Anti Fizz Sheets ($18) to make your slightly scraggy looking ends appear moisturized and healthy. You're welcome.