Will Smith Reacted to Willow's First Tattoo Exactly How We Would've Expected Him To

Red Table Talk got a little personal this week as the show's hosts, Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne "Gammy" Banfield-Norris, paid a collective visit to one of Hollywood's most popular doctors: tattoo artist Dr. Woo. On the newest episode of the talk show, which airs today, the trio booked an intimate session with the beloved celebrity tattooer after finally being able to convince Jada to get some group ink.

"We had a conversation about whether you were going to be in agreement of the three of us getting tattoos," Gammy told her in a clip from a past episode. "We talked about that, and you keep vacillating back and forth about it." At the time, Willow shared that she wanted the three of them to get a matching tattoo of three interlocking circles to symbolize their relationship to one another, which Jada quickly agreed to, though they ended up settling on a lotus flower blooming in three stages.

"The lotus represents spiritual enlightenment, and we hear the saying, 'Through the mud grows the lotus,'" Willow explained while getting her tattoo. "From the bud to the blossom to the bloom, I feel like [it] expresses the spiritual journey but also the three of us: I'm the youngest, my mom is the middle, and Gam is the fully bloomed lotus."

Willow also opened up during the episode about getting her first tattoo and hiding it from her dad after she got it. "I showed my mom the art for my half-sleeve three weeks before I got it, but I didn't tell my dad because I knew he was going to be like, 'My baby has a half-sleeve?'" she said. The singer went on to explain that Will called her later after finding out about the tattoo — likely from another family member — and reacted exactly how we'd expect him to.

"I showed it to him, and he was like, 'Everything is in divine order. Your path is your path, and I just love you,'" she recalled. The full episode of Red Table Talk is out now on Facebook Watch.