11 Spellbinding Witch Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Spooky season is the time for binge-watching scary movies, checking out haunted houses, and choosing your Halloween makeup look. If you already know you want to be a witch this year, finding the right outfit is only half of it — you also need the right makeup look to pull it all together. There are so many different options to choose from, whether you're leaning toward something more involved — like a gorgeous half-face Halloween makeup look — or just want something quick and easy when you score a last-minute party invite.

Dressing up as a witch is a timeless choice, but that doesn't mean it has to be basic or boring. Halloween witch makeup comes with a multitude of options where you're only as limited as your imagination. You can opt for pretty witch makeup or, if you're short on time or need something low-key for a work party, you can always just go with witch eye makeup. Either way, the classic Halloween witch costume is always a good idea. To get you started, we found the best easy witch makeup ideas and tutorials for you to choose from. These will have you casting all the right spells in no time. Keep scrolling to see for yourself.

Witch Makeup Ideas

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Cute Witch Makeup

Skip the scary costume this year and make your witch a cute one using this makeup tutorial. It features a bright eye with a light-green shade highlighting the lower lash line, while a glittery deep purple covers the lid. For added cuteness, put on some fake freckles to ensure people know your character is a good witch.

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Easy Witch Makeup

This easy witch makeup look is instantly elevated with the use of colored-contacts. Simply create a smoky eye with a slightly grey-toned base, pop in your contacts, and you're good to go. If you want to go all out, you can also follow her tutorial for creating the curly wig.

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Modern Witch Makeup

Keep things simple and easy with this witch makeup look inspired by the classic Halloween movie, "The Craft." The look is more of a modern take on the timeless costume featuring a sliced eyebrow, lined eyes, over-lined lips, and a tiny upside-down cross to top it off. Complete the costume with an all black outfit to really sell the costume.

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Witch Eye Makeup

Make your eyes pop with a shade most spellcasters adore: green. This witch eye-makeup look will have friends hypnotized. The base features a soft green shadow, which you can customize. Then, add a black spiderweb for added spookiness.

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Pretty Witch Makeup

Ooze seduction and grace just like the timeless "The Love Witch." This '60s-inspired makeup relies on bold vibrant colors, such as coral and light blue. When paired with a soft pink, people will be falling in love at first sight — just like in the movie. And who doesn't love a classic Twiggy eyelash moment?

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Sexy Witch Makeup

If you're interested in creating a sexy witch makeup look for Halloween, give this tutorial a try. The completed look has a cut-crease eyeshadow moment that you can customize with the color of your choice. It's also versatile enough to be paired with whatever outfit you choose.

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Gothic Witch Makeup

Go for a gothic look with this take on witch Halloween makeup. It incorporates a shiny highlighter that will leave people mesmerized. Instead of a dark smoky eye, it uses a more subtle hue, which allows the top and bottom eyeliner to steal the show.

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Wicked Witch Makeup

Your Wicked Witch of the West costume from "The Wizard of Oz" won't be complete without an all-green face to go with it. This tutorial adds a contemporary twist, nixing the warts and a big nose, for a touch of glam and beauty.

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Simple Witch Makeup

This simple witch makeup involves a beautiful smoked-out eyeshadow look, but it's the black lipstick, black veins, and crescent drawing on the forehead that make it easy to complete.

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Green Witch Makeup

Looking for something quick and simple? All you need to do is grab green eyeshadow, black lipstick, and green glitter, and this look can be yours in just a few minutes.

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Glamorous Witch Makeup

If you want something heavy on the eye makeup that still stays on theme, check out this glamorous witch makeup tutorial. It features an orange and purple cut-crease eyeshadow look and black lipstick that will have everyone staring in the best way possible.