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Daniel Radcliffe Discussing Age With Busy Philipps Video

Daniel Radcliffe Bemoans Being "an Awful Yardstick of How Old Everyone Is" as He Approaches 30

It's not easy growing up in the spotlight, and as he nears his 30th birthday, Daniel Radcliffe has come to realize just how much his age seems to affect not just him but everyone around him. During an appearance on Busy Philipps's show Busy Tonight, Daniel discussed this phenomenon in his usual adorable fashion. "I've come to accept that I'm forever going to be an awful yardstick of how old everyone is," he admitted, causing Busy to completely crack up. "I now have that effect on other people where I just depress people by the sight of me," he continued. We're not sure that's really the case, Daniel, but we have to admit, the idea that Harry Potter is about to turn 30 is a little unnerving . . . it's a good thing he and his costars look so good for their age!

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