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Ellen DeGeneres Scaring Eric Stonestreet Video 2017

Ellen DeGeneres Uses a Clown to Scare Eric Stonestreet 1 Week After That It Trailer

Eric Stonestreet just can't catch a break when it comes to stopping by The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Modern Family actor, who has been scared so many times by the host that she even made a montage of all the best moments, decided to trust Ellen one more time and went for an interview on Tuesday. While his time on stage was safe and calm, Ellen managed to scare him while he was getting ready backstage before the show. After Eric walked into his dressing room, a clown popped out from a coffee table, causing him to clench his fist and say, "F*cker!" Ellen then opened the door to let out a mischievous laugh. While clowns are scary any day of the week, the fact that this happened just one week after that terrifying trailer for It was released just makes it so much worse.

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