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Justin Bieber Before and After Tattoos Photos

Behold Justin Bieber's Pure and Untouched Body Before He Covered It With Tattoos

Justin Bieber got his first tattoo way back when he was 16, so it's kind of hard to imagine him without any ink at all (you'd have to go back to the "Baby" days). While he's been expressing himself through arm sleeves and chest pieces, he recently decided to really go all in when he revealed he tattooed his entire stomach. While we love a bit of ink on our favorite celebrities, Justin's definitely made our mouths drop open for a second. Not only do we now have to look really hard to make out his sexy abs, but his smooth and beautiful skin that we were so used to staring at before is now covered in designs. Some fans also seemed to be a bit bummed by his new addition, tweeting things like "Why?" and "WTF HAPPENED." We'll probably be in love with it like we are David Beckham's and Dwayne Johnson's tattoos, but we'll just have to get used to it first.

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