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Ryan Reynolds Quotes About His Deadpool Costume May 2018

"I Can Actually Taste My Own Genitals": Ryan Reynolds Has Feelings About That Deadpool Suit

Ryan Reynolds and his costar Josh Brolin dropped by Graham Norton's big red couch this week to discuss Deadpool 2, and they quickly got everyone giggling as they discussed what it took for Ryan to get into his "big red body condom" rubber suit (hint: it wasn't talc; that he saves for his wife, Blake Lively, apparently). Josh jokingly compared Ryan's work ethic to that of his Avengers: Infinity War costars, calling them out for relying on their suits to make them look good, while Ryan "just oozes that he's worked out."

Ryan, meanwhile, made The Crown star Vanessa Kirby crack up when he explained: "There's no space in that thing at all. When I put it on, I can actually taste my own genitals." As if that wasn't enough, Graham then went on to show one of Josh's unusual workout videos, and trust us, it had to be seen to be believed!

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