Whoops! An American Breaks Royal Protocol by Giving Prince Harry the Biggest Bear Hug

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set sail at Sydney Harbour on the first day of the Invictus Games on Sunday, and those who joined them were certainly happy to be in royal company. While they were on a boat and talking with a few of the sailors, it was clear one American mariner was especially excited to be in the same watercraft as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In a video posted by Kensington Palace, the sailor couldn't hold back his eagerness and gave Prince Harry a strong hug that even lifted the prince off the ground.

Technically, people aren't supposed to do that to, ya know, British royalty, but Harry and Meghan didn't seem to mind. Meghan was even cracking up, saying, "Now THAT'S a hug. Nicely done!" Even Prince Harry found the whole thing comical, but he did warn the man not to hug Meghan the same way since she's pregnant and carrying very precious cargo. Watch the hilarious interaction above, then check out more photos of the royal duo riding the waves ahead.