Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Confirm Their Romance — AND Their Hogwarts House(s)

the chamber of secrets has been opened ...

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson certainly aren't hiding under an invisibility cloak — they're showing off their budding romance for the world to see! On Wednesday, Pete made their relationship Instagram official when he posted a sweet (and, dare we say, magical?) snap of him and Ariana wearing Harry Potter Hogwarts robes. "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened . . ." he captioned the photo.

In the picture, Pete is shown wearing a Gryffindor sweatshirt, but that doesn't mean that he and Ariana will be snuggling up in front of the Gryffindor common room fireplace anytime soon. Ari — a loud and proud Slytherin — had her set of robes buttoned up in the photo, but quickly took to her own Instagram to remind followers where her Hogwarts loyalties lie.

in case u forgot

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Let's hope that couples who embrace their inner Potterheads together stay together, because this pair have definitely cast a spell on us. Adorable!