Ava DuVernay Speaks at Black Lives Matter Election Event: "We Can Declare What We Want"

Ava DuVernay is making sure voters keep their eyes on the prize. On Nov. 3, the 48-year-old director and activist delivered an energizing speech at a Black Lives Matter election event in LA. Speaking at the Staples Center, Ava urged constituents to continue working together for the greater good. "Thank you for holding space for this resistance, for this power, for this voice, for demonstrating who we are, that we can proclaim what we want," she said. "That we can exercise rights that are given to us and rights that we take that are not given to us, that we can declare what we want."

The filmmaker then reminded attendees that there's still work to be done, no matter the outcome of the presidential election. "This moment is not an end-all be-all," she said. "This vote, this election is not even the half of what is ahead of us and what needs to happen tomorrow and the next day and the next day. But it is a tool, it is a weapon in our arsenal and we are going to fight. We are in a war." She ended with an expression of gratitude to the organizers, saying, "Thank you for today and all that is to come." As of Nov. 4, votes for the presidential election are still being counted. Watch Ava's full speech ahead.