Violet Affleck Heads to Washington DC With Her Parents

Violet Affleck was at her dad's side when Ben Affleck spoke to the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs in Washington DC on Thursday. Sitting beside Bill Gates, the actor spoke before the panel about his organization, the Eastern Congo Initiative, and the importance of providing foreign aid to African countries. Jennifer Garner and 9-year-old Violet sat behind him, and at one point Ben mentioned Batman to recognize Senator Patrick Leahy, who made a brief cameo in The Dark Knight Rises. Ben joked, "I would be remiss not to recognize my costar in Batman. Your role was marginally smaller than mine, but I understand you were quite good." Keep reading to see pictures of Ben, Jennifer, and Violet in Washington DC, then take a look at the couple's cute PDA.