Ben Affleck's Tattoos Really Need to Be Seen to Be Believed

Ben Affleck's tattoos have been a topic on curiosity for years, particularly after they were on display back in 2018 as he filmed his Netflix movie "Triple Frontier." At that time, fans caught a rare glimpse of the star shirtless, as he filmed a scene on the beach in Hawaii. His shoulder and back designs were on full display — a myriad of colorful patterns, crosses, and dragons.

Since then, however, fans have begun to wonder if a Ben Affleck tattoo removal session took place right under their noses, as they haven't seen the star's designs again since. Well, that is until his now-wife Jennifer Lopez shared a smoking-hot picture of him for Father's Day in 2023.

"Daddy Appreciation Post ✨ Happy Father's Day Papa," she captioned the photo, which was posted on June 18, 2023. "And Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Papas out there!! We love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know 🤍." Affleck's tattoos have caught the eyes of fans before, mainly because he previously claimed that his ink was fake. During an interview with Mario Lopez back in 2016, the actor was asked about the designs after he was spotted with them on the set of his film "Live By Night." At that time, he said it was "fake for a movie." However, he did confirm that he had a number of tattoos and also explained that he tried to keep them in places where they can be easily hidden. Keep reading to see a few of Affleck's designs.

Ben Affleck's Shoulder Tattoos

In Lopez's post of (a shirtless) Ben Affleck, both of his shoulder tattoos were on full display. Though it's a bit hard to see from the side, on his right shoulder blade is a barbed-wire design. A tree and a band of roses were later added to the piece. On his left shoulder, Affleck has a cross design that is surrounded by a bed of flowers. He has never explained what either piece means to him.

Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo

Though he rarely shows it off, Affleck has a massive back tattoo of a colorful phoenix. He has never fully explained the meaning of this one either, but he got it in 2015, which was the year he split with Jennifer Garner. The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, which may have been a subtle commentary about his headspace at the time of his divorce. Still, some fans believe that the tattoo is a tribute to Harry Potter, specifically, the character Dumbledore.

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