Please Be Careful, Because Ryan Reynolds's Sharp Jawline Is About to Cut the Sh*t Out of You

We love it when Blake Lively has a new movie coming out, because her promotional tours are always filled with stunning outfits, witty Instagram captions, and, well, Ryan Reynolds. The actress celebrated her new film, All I See Is You, in NYC on Monday, where she attended the premiere's afterparty at The Whitby Hotel. Blake and Ryan were spotted holding hands after their fun date night, and in addition to Blake flashing a cute smile, Ryan's razor-sharp jawline almost made us hit the floor. And those glasses? We. Can't. Cope. The pair left their two daughters, James and Ines, at home for the evening, and we're kinda glad since it meant we could focus more on their beautiful faces. We just hope James wasn't enforcing any harsh Halloween costumes on "baby Nessy" when they were gone.