Step Aside, Jerry Seinfeld — This Between Two Ferns Interview Is All About Cardi B Now

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After two long years, Zach Galifianakis is back with a new episode of the Funny or Die series Between Two Ferns. His first guest was none other than Jerry Seinfeld. During the interview, the two go back and forth throwing hilarious digs at each others careers until Zach tells Jerry to "move down" and sit on a milk crate to make room for his next guest — Cardi B!

She only briefly interrupts the interview, but the best part? When Cardi gets up to leave, she completely snubs Jerry's hug. He jokes "that was the opposite of what happened with Kesha," referring to his awkward encounter with Kesha last year when she tried to hug him and he rejected it. Watch the hilarious interactions between Zach, Cardi and Jerry in the video above and brace yourself for a mini Seinfeld reunion too.