Support For Kesha Continues to Surge After Her Latest Brush With Dr. Luke

The Billboard Music Awards are set to blaze through Las Vegas on Sunday night, and it looks like Kesha might perform after all. Earlier this week, Kemosabe Records reportedly rescinded its approval of Kesha's performance, thereby preventing her from taking the stage. The shakeup marked the latest chapter in the singer's ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke, but there's a silver lining. Just as celebrities rallied around Kesha in February during her court proceedings, support for the singer had already begun to surge again. Leading the charge was Lady Gaga, who has consistently supported Kesha and most recently praised her cover of "Til It Happens to You."

On Thursday, Dr. Luke granted Kesha permission to perform once again. Whether these cries of support changed his mind or something else, it's exciting to know that Kesha's voice won't go unheard. See who spoke up here, then prepare for an emotionally charged performance come Sunday.


Lady Gaga


Kesha's Mother, Pebe Sebert

This is just one of many incensed tweets she posted on her account.


Judd Apatow


Rita Wilson


Ben Folds

While Ben didn't necessarily speak out about the legal situation with Dr. Luke, he did something truly amazing: he invited Kesha to perform with him, giving her the space to perform her cover anyway.